Sunday , August 14 2022

Force Ouvriere offers great cost reports


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The dirty time for political and trade union leaders

We will read two working papers this morning in the press Parisian today in France. The first refers to the financial rebound of the strength of the trade unions and what could become a scandal of claims for the cost of its leaders. 13 members of the Confederal Bureau of Force Ouvrieer recovered 388,000 euros in the cost of claims in 2017, almost 30,000 euros in transport, hotels and restaurants per person per year. The explanations and justifications of the unions will come, but here is a bonus that is not suitable for payment, which is more than pleasant, triggering the issue of the crisis of power, the crisis of the leaders that they are union leaders like those who have paraded today with teachers or political leaders such as who gathered yesterday for the 100th anniversary of the cease-fire.

The crisis of the leaders, the crisis of power is precisely the topic in which it is always Paris from an interview with former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Pierre de Villiers, a general who left the government about a year and a half after the pass with Emmanuel Macron. This 5 stars announces what a chef is. And among the qualities of the leader, Pierre de Villiers cites, among other things, the ability to inspire confidence and examples. "The more heats up," he says, the more bored in squadrons, the more the leader has to accept the concern, give confidence, and show how he says. This could inspire Force Ouvriera leaders who are seeking the leaders, but also all the leaders who are today confronted with these bugs flying into squadrons.

Teachers, yellow vest, this week we move and block

Teachers in a strike, the French approve the title Southwest. 72% of the French support the strike of teachers who will be on the street today to cancel the withdrawal in 2019 from 2,650 places in the secondary. Teachers are angry because we remember Opinions about the expectation of an increase of 40,000 students in the next 3 years. East Republican also considers the way in which the Yellow West repeated and prepares mobilization on November 17 by heating the circuit yesterday by blocking A31. Keeping the price of fuel, but also purchasing power. On this subject we will read in West France the editorial office of Michel Urvoi who summarizes himself only to the difficulties of our leaders, and further them, to move and manage between reason and passion.

It tells us: In 1980, with working time, smacard could buy 3 liters of gasoline, today it can buy 6 for a fuel car that consumes half less than 40 years. A few months ago, I continue because it is really good. A few months ago, Nicolas Hulot wanted to increase the tax on diesel. Jean-Luc Melenchon found him terrifying ecological taxation. Today, Hulot shows the biggest quota of love, and Melenchon calls for a protest against fuel increase. Understand who can.

Dirty time for the trainer

Champagne edition this morning tells us about the aggression of the historical coach of the basketball club Saint-Andre les Vergers. She is 77, Colette Mean, 15-year-old father, who beat her in the locker room for half an hour because her son in tears has not yet entered the field. 60 days of work breakdown for Colette who I remember at the age of 77. You see, even when you have confidence, experience and authority, there is always someone who will challenge you.

French fries

The dirty weather for leaders in an increasingly complex world is what the newspapers explain this morning. Example? Ciberspace, which has become the main war place and must be lonely, is one of the release and the role of the forum held today in Paris to avoid the 14-18 Internet. The real headache for the heads of state who now integrate the Internet into their military doctrine. An increasingly complex world is still a french fries between Brussels and Colombia. Colombia intends to introduce an anti-dumping duty of 8% on imports of Belgian, Dutch and German frozen potatoes. This war with French fries that tells us figaroThis led to 17 negotiating meetings between Brussels and Colombia. 17 meetings to talk about frozen French fries!

Do you imagine the number of meetings to disarm the planet, discuss climatic conditions, or negotiate with Trump or Putin? 17 meetings for discussing the price of french fries. You will think about it the next time you go to McDonalds or Burger King.

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