Saturday , May 8 2021

Former Secretary of State Georges Tron has released charges of rape

Jury Bobigni issued a ruling after four weeks of the hearing. Georges Tron, 61, the mayor of UMP Draveil (Essonne) and Brigitte Gruel, who served as his assistant, were acquitted by the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Georges Tron, 61, the mayor of UMP Draveil (Essonne) and Brigitte Gruel, who served as his assistant, were acquitted by the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis. Former Secretary of State Fillon and his former associate are charged with rape and sexual assault in the period 2007-2009. Years, Virginie Fauk and Eva Loubrieu, and then employed at the Draveil City Assembly.

Judges Bobigny returned the verdict after three and a half hours of deliberation after four weeks of hearing: their intimate convictions were probably falsified for several days. Motivation, read by President Philippe Coire, who held debates with professionalism, praised him, scratched away. However, the evidence against him is "not sufficient" to condemn them. However, contrary to their stubborn denials, Mr. Throne and Mrs Gruel have been "engaged in sexual acts in the presence of others", which contributed to the creation of a "hyper-sexualized atmosphere" within the hotel. city. The fact that Loubrieu and Fauk are in turn connected in turn is implicit.

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Recognition of this fact represents a modest victory for the applicants, because not only does "evidence never report" that they are "in a limited situation", but, according to the judgment, this circumstance – which signs the commission of crimes – "must be rejected".

A lot of the lies of the accusation

The text summarizing the analysis of the court and jurors is based on the fact that many SMS messages Eve Loubrieu "multiplying kind words" in relation to Mr. Tronom show that he obviously seeks "proximity" disagreeing with his accusations. According to the judges, it is placed in the "logic of revenge after her dismissal," an eviction was pronounced after the theft of $ 500 in a municipal committee. So she never talked to her boyfriend before.

The court praises Madame Fauk for her many lies. So she clumsily hid, after boasting of this happiness, an intimate relationship with the doctor, whose end could push him to try suicide on November 19, 2009 – not rape allegedly suffered that day. She also claimed that she had more cancers, which is incorrect. According to the court, her approach, like that of Mrs. Loubrieu, moved to the party of congratulations to municipal staff in the "revenge-style revenge, presented as a consequence of his behavior." On January 9, 2010, in front of many witnesses, Ms. Fauk, a very alcoholic, shockedly presented a show to some witnesses. As he got up at the table, hiding her skirt, she surprised the private parts of the deputy mayor.

The Bobignia judgment also presents a severe downfall for the public prosecutor. Very discreetly during the debate, Attorney General Frederik Bernardo did not try to shake witnesses and experts who served the vision of a file that was leaky until the end of the debate. During the indictment, which is sometimes more ludicrous than it was claimed, the judge deliberately ignored points that were more precisely kept by the jury to pay. Moreover, in less than three minutes he spent only a few sentences in the Brigitte Gruel case, against whom he nevertheless demanded four years in prison: an ease that borders with oddities. And in order to convict Mr. Tron at the age of six, he merely presented the distorted "system" that he admitted to the verdict, instead of proving that he was a violator of sex.

The State Prosecution has ten days of appeal.

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