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Francis Lai, the composer of the memorable "Dabadabad", is dead


Francis Lai in March 2017 – GABRIEL BOUIS / AFP

Music musicMan and woman, the theme Love story i BicycleIt was him. At the age of 86, composer Francis Lai, musician Klod Leluch, died, leaving his melodies suddenly simple and unforgettable.

It is Mayor Nice, Christian Estrosi, who announced the death of Nicholas on Wednesday in a statement, saying the city would give him a confession: "I will soon suggest to my family to give their name to the symbolic place of our city." "We shared a lot of time together Isoli, where he had a house. We loved to meet again on August 15 at Hameau de Mollieres in the heart of the Mercantour National Park, Christian Estrosi continued.

"Dabadabad" and then "chabada-bada", taken 200 times

Samouki, born in April 1932 in Nica's parental horticulture, Francis Lai began his career of the accordion of poet and singer Bernard Dime, with whom he writes songs during the guitars: Edith Piaf, Juliette Greco or Ive Montand again. For Edith Piaf, he writes his first song, Right to love.

But it was his encounter with filmmaker Claude Lelouch two years later in 1965, marking a milestone in his career, thanks to a common friend Pierre Barohu, the one who wrote the words "dabadabad". The mythical theme of the film, which eventually transformed into "chabada-bada", which Nicole Croisille sang, was taken over 200 times.

Composer Lelouch

"Music is something unexplainable, it's an easy thing to remember, and that's what Lelouch asked, a theme that is easy to remember at first listening," AFP said in January 2017, after the death of his friend Pierre Barrow. "It's just that it's just an allusion to jazz. We all were jazz buffets, and this way that this type of onomatopoeia was an extension of these styles, that's a bit like our signature," he said.

Composer Lelouch, wrote all the music of his films To live to live, The man who loves me, 13 days in France, Life, love, death, The thug, Adventure is an adventure, A travel plan of a disappointed child… He also recently worked on new recordings for the sequel to the cult film Claude Lelouch, Man and woman, currently shooting.

This is for his result Love story to win the Oscars in 1970. The theme Where do I start? taken by Andy Villiams and Shirley Bassei immediately took over Mireille Mathieu (Love story).

He has sat for more than 100 films and has signed over 600 songs

"I'm very sad and I think a lot about his wife and children. His flight of violin and his" Chabadabad "will be missed, but he will forever begin to appear as an international" Love Story, "he responded to Mireille Mathieu, to whom he wrote around forty songs .

The composer will also sign songs for Serge Reggiani, Dalida, Ella Fitzgerald, Nicoletta, Johnny Hallidai and famous Bike (now Bike) for Ives Montand. He will write all the music over 100 movies and sign over 600 songs. He was one of the last great music composers of his generation, with Michel Legrand and Vladimir Cosma.

"With just a few notes, Francis Lai had the gifts to make great movies more beautiful, which is even more disturbing," Culture Minister Franck Riester told Twitter.

"He will not write more points. His melodies had crazy charm, and him!" He complained to his side of the former president of the Cannes Film Festival, Gilles Jacob. "His romantic talent of melody, his shyness, his good smile and his very deep and real humanity" greeted his side Pierre Lescure, the current president of the festival.

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