Wednesday , October 5 2022

Frederic Beigbeder has been rejected by France Inter after his sabotaged chronicle


VIDEO – On Thursday morning, the writer and director improvised his available ticket, creating discomfort in the morning studio Nicolas Demorand and Lea Salame.

"Suicide Live". Lea Salame did not believe well. After the catastrophic chronicle of Frederick Beigbeder in France in the morning of Inter, director of the Laurence Bloch station issued a statement announcing the end of his collaboration with the writer. "Dear listeners, dear listeners, you expressed your disappointment in listening to the last column of Frederic Beigbeder on Thursday. I agree with my weakness and decided to stop the exercise because there is not enough time to do it right," the article says.

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On Thursday morning, Frederick Beigbeider created an embarrassment by improvising his three-minute column, lost several hours earlier. "Freddie did not do anything." Freddie went to bed very late. Freddie was sleeping a bit, "he began to justify (see the video in the head of the article). "I really wrote a very strong column about the yellow chest, it was very interesting, but I lost it. I wrote it on paper and I lost it about 3 in the morning in a new box called Avenue Medellin Marceau," explained Nicolas Demorand and he was scared and annoyed. The journalist of the first morning in France will be interrupted by the author and the director Love lasts for three years a few seconds later. "Excuse the listeners of friends," concluded his associate Leo Salame.

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