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Gotham Knights: The post-Batman is still revealed in videos with a dark and threatening tone


Game news Gotham Knights: The post-Batman is still revealed in videos with a dark and threatening tone

It was also one of the long-awaited games of this DC Fan Dome: Gotham Knigts, so it has released a new trailer accompanied by a making-of, to be enjoyed immediately.

After presenting Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in more detail with the help of a great trailer you can find in this address, the DC Fan Dome therefore focused on Gotham Knights: as a reminder, it is a new adventure to be officially placed after Batman Arkham Knight where the relief of the Black Knight will go to fight against the Court of the Owls.

The Court of Owls, the Great Threat of Gotham Knights

Presented as formidable and extensive advice with excessive criminal power, the Owl Court is a well-known entity in Batman comics that will therefore be presented here at Gotham Knights. So it’s at the heart of this new trailer was issued during the DC Fan Dome 2021 and the color is announced immediately: dark, haunting, almost horrible, the atmosphere promises a muscular journey for our four superheroes, definitely in a mess.

We remind you that it will be a game playable in collaboration with four available characters : Batgirl, Robin, Redhood and Nightwing will form an alliance to take over from Bruce Wayne after the events of the last game in the franchise. By the way, the developers here are not Rocksteady (who works on the production of Suicide Squad), but Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio that had already given birth to Batman Arkham Origins in 2013.

Gotham Knights also made a name for themselves developer diary, to be found below. The game is slated for release in 2022 on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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