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Health plan: nurses invited to protest due to "neglect" of government – 11/20/2013 10:20:01 AM


They want more recognition, better pay or even more staff in health facilities.

Nurse and patient at Angers Hospital, 23 October 2013 (illustration) (AFP / JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD)

They are a big "forgotten" health plan: nurses are urged to stop working and demonstrate everywhere in France, on Tuesday, November 20, sixteen organizations condemning the "neglect" of the government, accused of pledging themselves to "lobby" doctors.

Whether they are liberals, employed in hospitals, regardless of whether they work in schools or operating theaters, nurses – more than 80% of women – all share the same "sense" of the profession. left behind, "said Daniel Guillerm, deputy chairman of the FNI (Liberali) at a news conference.

Twenty sets of plans are planned for 14h in the region, especially in the prefecture, and in Paris, in front of the Ministry of Health, to seek "recognition" of the profession, a better salary, more autonomy or Strengthening staff in institutions.


Mobilization, announced since October and supported by the Nursing Order, "has nothing to do with" yellow vest, even if "some claims" can be shared, said Mr. Guillerm. It is not a rise in fuel prices that have been troubled by trade union organizations, but the disappointment that arose from the presentation of the Health Plan in September by President Emmanuel Macron, a catalog of measures, "decided on the only doctors" said Mr. Guillerm.

In particular, the creation of 4,000 positions of "medical assistants", halfway between the secretary and the nurse's assistant, "burned the dust," recalled his colleague Sniil (liberali), John Pinte.

Why create a new profession instead of relying on 660,000 existing nurses? Why "to pay the secretary to the doctors on the back of health insurance" for a total of 200 million euros a year, instead of creating jobs in retirement homes or increasing salaries and salaries of nurses, Guillerm.


"Such a redirection of contributions to the health of people who do not have financial concerns is extremely shocking as we close hospital beds, maternity," Thierry Amourouk (SNPI, Hospital) upset, hoping that mobilization would be successful as "two years ago".

In November 2016, several thousand nurses, as well as auxiliary associates, throughout France walked through the invitation of a unique movement, unpublished since 1988, to cancel their training conditions. However, major trade centers such as FO or CGT, a representative of healthcare institutions, also called for a strike, which is not the case on Tuesday. The nursing service was then grieved by the suicide of at least five nurses during the flight.


According to Nathalie Depoire (CNI, Hospital), "suffering" and "loss of meaning" at work exist "in all sectors," according to which "in cases of illness, combustion incidents are exacerbated."

However, nurses could be the most mobilized Tuesday, and negotiations with health insurance will continue on December 4, according to unions. They discovered the door at the beginning of the summer, believing that the proposals were not far enough, including the creation of new actions to monitor patients at home.


"The only concern of the government is medical devastation, why we do not give medical nurses certain prerogatives" to compensate for the lack of a doctor, suggests Mr. Guillerm, citing, for example, the possibility of prescribing care for rehydration to the elderly during the heatwaves.

Presented as a step forward for governments, the creation of a new profession nurse in advanced practice, or expanded skills, will only apply to a minority of professionals who will stick to "under the yoke of the body," Mr. Guillermo complains.

And he will not solve the difficulties they face on the ground every day, Mr. Pint is abundant, as when nurses adjust doses of drugs "illegally" in the "patient's interest" when the doctor is not available, especially during the weekend.

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