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his confession in TPMP that created discomfort …


It was June 21 on the TPMP board. Benjamin Castaldi was that day at the forefront of the show since it was Friday and on Friday he was entrusted with Cyril Hanouna himself, who believes in his potential.

In addition, the host received on the plateau, his father, Jean-Pierre. And just before the columnists ask their opinion about the cast of Bring me out here, I'm a celebrity! The former Flavie Flament wanted to explain how he broke his father's career.

He was forcing his hand that the excellent protagonist of Secret Story made him lose a lot, a lot of credibility.

"Stop, you made the first company, because of me, we're not going to lie one on the other, totally because of me, these shows, we do when we do not have much work. Time, I had Work, he did it because he made him laugh and was well paid! "Benji started. "In France, I did not roll anymore, some American movies and then I did not roll," Jean-Pierre said.

The atmosphere was leaving behind. But, fortunately, Father Castaldi seems not worried about the son who is still proud.

End of difficult months …

In 2014, in an interview with Ici Paris, the comedian talked about his financial difficulties. The latter admitted to experiencing "difficult to end the month." He had to separate himself from one of his favorite cars to buy a horse from his daughter and thought about when to sell his apartment for children. "My last real movie? Asterix and Obelix against César, in 2000," he lamented. One thing is certain, you can always count on the support of Benjamin and his grandchildren.

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