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in front of college students, Emmanuel Macron confirms post-containment in mid-May

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks with a school principal, teachers and children from the Itard school, located in Oraison, in the south of France, from the Elysee Palace, on April 6 in Paris.

When can we take off the mask? Will there still be containment? What will summer be like? In video on Tuesday, April 6 with a class of 3e, Emmanuel Macron confirmed to college students a cautious post-confinement starting in mid-May.

From his office in the Elysee Palace, the head of state was invited to a history course at the Itard d’Orice school (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). One way to show their support for teachers and students, he switched to distance learning as part of the third confinement in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Reopening is not conditioned

At his request, the students, initially intimidated, finally urged him with questions about the date of easing the restrictions. To Rose, who fears another closure, she assures him “There should be no new closures until the end of the school year”. After three to four weeks of school closures, “We believe that we will have slowed down the virus almost everywhere and accelerated vaccination. This will allow us to be in a more comfortable situation. “, just wait.

There is also no doubt about extending the closure of schools, after the two weeks of unified spring break from April 12th. “It is essential that we resume classes in nursery and primary school on April 26 and in the university and high schools the following week. I did not condition the reopening of nursery schools and schools, then middle and secondary schools, to health indicators, because these three weeks of physical absence from class are already an important effort “, explain Parisenc.

On the other hand, it remained inaccurate about the vaccination of teachers, indicating only that they will be part of the priority audience when vaccination is open to children under 50 years of age.

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The patent will not be canceled

“What flexibilities for this summer”, Giovanni asks him? “Yes, there will be relaxation for this summer and yes, business will reopen there, starting in mid-May.”, promises the president, he explains The Parisian. Nina wonders if we should keep the screw turning, even if it is “The peak goes down”. “Doing it for two months is twice as hard”, answers Emmanuel Macron, who adds, however, that “ we will reopen more slowly than May 11 ».

“How long will we have to wear the mask?” “ “You have to bring as much as possible until this summer”, replies to Lorenzo, however “I hope you have lighter conditions at the beginning of the course” September.

Isn’t the mid-May horizon too ambitious? “No, I don’t think so. Our goal is proactive for schools and reasonable for the rest.”, added. “Will the patent be revoked?” “, launches Loïc again. “It simply came to our notice then. “ “Hide your joy, Loïc”, he jokes.

If other European countries see the virus declining, unlike France, it was for him at the expense of long months of closing schools or companies. What it means not to have done.

“The question is, at what price do you have this? Germany has had to close its schools and non-food businesses since mid-December. That is declining and there are reopening starts, yes. But in proportion, we should have “I want to think back: I prefer to tell myself that we have preserved the life of our country thanks to measures provided.”, pleads.

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