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Increasing fuel taxes to compensate for the tax on a residential building? Rugi denies


POLITICS – Will the government's gas tax contract reduce the drain? While Emmanuel Macron and ministers are convinced that the rise in fuel prices, especially the tax on diesel, is a double imperative for public health and the fight against global warming, the consumer association gives another argument.

In France Info, a spokesman for the CLCV submits a report on a meeting held in Matignon in September. "To abolish the rent tax (TH) by 80% of French, we have to significantly increase the fuel tax. That will be the only tax that we will increase, but we have to do otherwise it can not do other tax reforms," ​​Francois Carlier said, referring to Adviser Edward Philip.

"An increase in the tax on gas is 1.9 billion"

"We can say everything," said Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity Francois de Rugi on Friday, we can say that this is an increase in the budget of justice. According to him, it is even less accurate that a fuel tax increase will bring 1.9 billion euros to the state in 2019, when the cost of spending will cost 3.2 billion.

The government number three prefers to refer to another figure, which the executive has observed for several days. "Ecological taxation amounts to 34 billion euros in 2019, it's a lot." The budget of my service is 34 billion euros, "notes the former president of the Assembly, who at the same time advocates the lack of explanation and transparency of budget data.

Francois de Rugi announces that he will send data to parliamentarians to "play cards on the table". This will allow him to point out that "on the revenues and costs of ecological taxation, we are on comparable budgetary masses". He specifically mentioned a carbon tax that brings 7.9 billion euros when investments in renewable energy sources reach 7.3 billion euros.

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