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“It’s disrespectful” “she should be ashamed of herself!” a candidate’s “lead beat” scandalizes the network


This Thursday, October 14, M6 aired the second episode of the new season of Best pastry chef, presented by Marie Portolano. A season of which the very heterogeneous and colorful cast already speaks volumes. And even more so after tonight’s episode: a candidate overwhelmed by stress had a crisis that greatly surprised Cyril Lignac and Internet users.

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After a first episode installing the new season and the new presenter Marie Portolano last week, M6 viewers were happy this Thursday, October 14 to find the continuation of the Best pastry chef. During the ten years of the big gourmet competition, the jury didn’t really decide to forgive the fourteen candidates competing in the tent.

As usual, the amateur pastry chefs initially did the Cyril Lignac test: as part of this evening on the theme “cakes are in the meadow”, the chef challenged them to reject the egg with a trompe-l’oeil. oeil bigger than life. Box of six raw eggs, boiled eggs, oil-mayo, egg casserole, the imagination of the candidates was fertile and the results quite convincing. Only Nicolas, Anne-Loup and Meryl were called to order, especially for the lack of finesse in their production. Their eggs won them a failure of the jury and inspired some unflattering comparisons for Internet users …

But throughout this ordeal, most had their heads elsewhere … In fact, after carefully watching the teaser aired at the beginning of the show, many understood that the episode would be marked by a big “explosion”. While hiding the identity of the candidate in question, the excerpt suggested that he would have a seizure and throw his cake in the trash. “I’ve never seen him in ten seasons!” We even hear Cyril Lignac being outraged.

Tension began to rise during Mercotte’s dreaded ordeal. A technical challenge that promised to be even more terrible than usual as it was to make a “Bzz bzzz”, a beehive cake covered in bubble chocolate and composed among others of madeleine cookie, whipped cream and nectar vanilla of honey. Candidates also had to model sugar paste bees for decoration. “I think season 10 fell. It starts badly, very badly!” complained Mohamed, one of them.

Faced with so many things at stake in just two hours, disasters followed one another quickly: Aurélie, the farmer of the season, burned the dough in the oven, Maud, a high school student, dropped hers when she put it in the oven. . some realized during the test that they had not understood the instructions. Guillaume, the pilot of the Paris airline who chained the disappointments, finished the test with nerves, as the tweets noticed. He also finished last in the standings …

However, it was not he who was allowed to take the cake in the trash during the creative test, but one of his competitors: Margaux, the ch’ti hairdresser. The one who decided to make a cat-shaped cake had the unpleasant surprise of seeing that his whole collapsed when he pulled out the circle. Taking a sip of blood, the one described in her portrait as “a woman of impulsive character and starting in the fourth round” has thrown her hits in the trash, sabotaging all her chances of continuing the competition. A gesture that displeased Cyril and Mercotte, who described him as “paralyzing”, as well as the tweeters, especially because the candidate presented the trash to the members of the jury …

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