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Johnny, bothered by Laeticia Hallyday's stellar: "Did not your scarf finish?"


He married her, while still a shy girl. But over the years, he has won in his life, as in his professional career. Author of The ballad of Johnny & Laeticia, a new biography published on November 21, Benjamin Locoge explains a moment of hassle of the rocker, while his wife got into the front …

For him, it has become another.The girl with red curls and pigtails drawn with pencil has gradually changed to the style of blonde, rock … and platinum The survival instinct was developed in particular.Johnny's contact, former French rock climber, will advocate for his father André Boudou. Laethitia Hallyday, has advanced several times her husband's infidelities and her first flirtation with her death in 2009 as reasons for her transformation.

As the conflict with the singer's elders intensifies, as biographies follow and reveal a woman much less naive and much more manipulative than the thought, a new book, The ballad of Johnny & Laeticia (Fayard), he explains An episode that reveals the dynamics of the Hallyday couple, in recent years. The author, Benjamin Locoge, Johnny's privileged speaker Paris Match Since the beginning of the 2000s, rememberAn interview and a shoot with Hallyday, in his village of Pacific Palisades, in LA, in 2013. A meeting of people, who is supposed to return to hospitalization in 2009 … but that bothers the rocker, particularly sad that day, from the first minutes."As the interview begins, I'm sorryhe does not support this couple confession ", writes Benjamin Locoge, who continues: "He stays unemployed after twenty minutes."

The comments of Johnny informed by the journalist Paris Match do not bother with diplomacy: "I'm annoyed to say all this. I leave you." It goes to the floor above. "Laetitia barely falls" And, proud of having saved her husband from death and having done a great cleaning around her, "He continues to tell his husband, in their lives, their difficulties." The shy woman, often humiliated by her husband At the beginning of its relationship, it is inexhaustible. Now that you have imposed and respected, she knew the light that saved her. No? Not necessarily the taste of the Hallyday iconwho did not want to talk more than music. "Johnny returns twenty minutes later"Benjamin Locoge relates, and let his impatience be clarified in these unpleasant words: "Has not your bullshit finished?"

Angry outbursts that will fall again very quickly."He sat down again and resumed the conversation as if nothing had happened", write the author of The ballad of Johnny & Laeticia. Prove that the wolf had finally been domesticated …

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