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Johnny Hallyday and his "contempt" for Jean-Jacques Goldman: a surprising testimony


Johnny Hallyday despised one of the French's favorite personalities, with whom he collaborated: Jean-Jacques Goldman. This is the author ofThe ballad of Johnny & Laeticia, a new biography published on November 21, in which Benjamin Locoge relates the observations made by the rock star.

Among them, they had made one of the most beautiful albums of the legend of French rock. In 1986, Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Jacques Goldman formed Gang, marking the history of French music with titles such as, I will forget your name, envy, or I promise you i Laura. A strong bond between the two arose. But this link has disintegrated. a The ballad of Johnny & Laeticia, new biography published on Wednesday, November 21, source of many revelations (like the immense jealousy of Laeticia Hallyday to Catherine Deneuve), Benjamin Locoge briefly returns on the relationship between the idol of the young and the rocker. For him, "Basically, he (Johnny) contests contempt for Jean-Jacques Goldman."

It is necessary to know that the two singers lived their passion in a diametrically opposite way. One gave everything to the stage, the other lived his concerts as a pain. Thus, Benjamin Locoge relates a conversation he had with the star, who died almost a year ago. "He is very busy … and I think that this way of doing things" The bastards "is more the desire of television channels than his", the singer laments. " He would not be right to refuse to register with him. But he got tired of workI wanted to have a family life, I understand "says Johnny Hallyday.

If he understands it, he deplores anyway this attitude. The interpreter of penitentiary He had even tried to reconnect with his old lyricist, who would be absent from his funeral. I wanted Jean-Jacques Goldman to write a song on his next album. The applicant responded: "You know, I have not played a guitar, I have no idea, I'm emptied, I can not do it", according to the comments collected in a documentary in 2017. This ended this relationship: a failed act. An evil for a good one Because basically, according to Benjamin Locoge's analysis, "Anyone who has managed to open the doors of success (Johnny Hallyday) will end up disappearing from his follow-up". Well, that was before the rocker disappeared himself.

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