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Judicial harassment does not solve anything


DECISION: While the Court of Cassation has opened the way to halting care, parents' lawyers promise to file a complaint for "premeditated murder."

The Court of Appeal delivered its judgment on Friday in the painful case of Vincent Lambert. As before, the Council of State and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Prisoner after 35 different decisions, the Supreme Court has closed the debate. Sometimes he makes fun of his label, very sealed, of the uniqueness of his procedures, of the saber in which he writes his decisions, the Court of Cassation is, nevertheless, independent of all pressures, policies, financial or confessional. As evidenced by several of his resounding judgments: the rehabilitation of Captain Dreyfus, the cancellation of the second trial of Yvan Colonna, the cancellation of the civil part in the case Jérôme Kerviel-Société générale.

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In a secular Republic, it is vain to oppose sentences in trials. Now the time has to be calm. But parents' lawyers …

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