Sunday , May 22 2022

LeBron James gets 51st place to close Heat


LeBron James set off his first win in Miami after leaving South Beach. The king scored 51 points, his best result of the season.

LeBron James It is especially inspired by the Miami Heat Parade hyper-class in one of the Vice Nights season. In his former garden in South Beach, the "King" offered a small reminder confirming his present form: enough to torment the opponents and scribes, he is always where he wants, when he wants it. LeBron led Los Angeles Lakers to a peaceful success in Florida, with less than 51 points per hour on 19/31 and 6/8 to 3 points. Attack recital that allows L. A. to retire after finishing a good series against Orlando this weekend.

It's also the end of a bad race for LeBron James against his former team. Since leaving Heat, "Selected" has never won in Miami (7 losses). It was done along the road.

"It's always great to be here, we had a hard time, but more fantastic times, I will always respect people here and I still love Miami," LeBron told ESPN.

On the Heat side, that was a little nervous. Josh Richardson, the best Heat player of the season, was even thrown out of the fact that he turned his shoe into rage. Erik Spoelstra won only 3 of the last 10 matches.

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