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Love is on the meadow 2018: Aude is already thinking about marriage, Eric in tears


Love affairs of fourteen farmersLove is in the meadow since 2018 soon come to an end. For some, the beginning of farm holidays and for others start romantic trips. Tonight, Jackues, Raoul, Patrice, Aurelia, Vincent, Jean-Claude, Aude and Eric (Ricou) see their participation in the new order.

Jacque stops the adventure

For a lively evening, Jacques decided to continue his adventure with Patricia, but finally announced that he did not want to continue the adventure with her. "It's a gathering, I tell myself: "Will she really be able to hang in everything I do? Do you understand me? Have you seen how to live with me on the farm?"He replies, he answers affirmative, who does not convince him, so he is a little more honest and says:"You are a good person, but I do not feel it. There is something … that's it."Before she leaves, Patricia clearly clarifies and criticizes Jacques for lack of accessibility during her stay.

Eric was also disappointed in tears

Farmer fell for Rosanna. After leaving Nathalie's second rival, he rushes to make a small statement to his dear: "If I loved someone, that would be you."And he is asking if she will soon be seen in her place." The answer does not come long, she has no sense of love for Riccione Optimist, the candidate answers that it may be a matter of time. Unfortunately, the click did not happen and Rosanna decides to finish the adventure.great affection"and"friendship"But nothing more." Rikou ended up in tears.

Raoul and Laetitia with the angels

The 37-year-old single fell in love with Laetitia. In the last episode, they have already talked about moving together. During the first tension visit they feel when Raoul plays coaches while Laetitia suffers from physical effort. The more exiting, the more beautiful brunette does not hide his tiredness. There is incomprehension between them, but things quickly return to order.

Then we find them in South Moravia (Czech Republic), where they enjoy the center of the vineyard with a sauna and a jacuzzi. Bird lovers even have the right to a hot air balloon. This stay reinforces their love even if, for now, they "they did not set up long-term projects"Will it leave us a good surprise for the balance sheet?

Vincent and Pascal in Iceland

57-year-old mustache and his long flight to Iceland. A candidate who never took the plane is not convinced and Vincent is not helping him to overcome his fear because he is trying to convince him of the failure of the engine. If the duo he saw almost every week in front of the shooting is caused by the beauty of Icelandic nature, he likes to visit the greenhouse. Vincent, the king of tomatoes, is really not in place.

The rest of the stay is perfect even if the small hanging takes place when you swim outdoors. But, it takes a lot more to sprinkle a steam that explains to the face camera that the loss of orientation due to travel is not for nothing at this tiny moment of tension. Phev!

Aurelia ends herself

Because of her health problems – a young woman was hospitalized – a weekend in love with a beautiful mother and Christophe Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer was postponed many times. Two months later, the duo finds out, but it seems that friendship is resolved. "A heart meeting is not thereChristophe says: During a massage session, the student tries to get closer, but it takes more jokes than the dragging.

The rest of the weekend is not unfortunately synonymous with love. Six months after Christophe began contacting Aurelie, none of them went further. They do not complain about their meeting.

Jean-Claude sad

With Shantala, the breeder leaves for Spain, in Toledo. If you visit them, the city makes you happy, because this whole stay, the duo has trouble hiding your grief. They continue to live far from that – remember that 250 kilometers are separated. This weekend has a bit of bitter taste, especially Jean-Claude.

Aude wants … everything very fast!

The farmer is still happy with Christopher and in Arcachon, the couple spend the weekend. After being sent with a parasailing, duo lunch in a romantic setting. Opportunity for Aude to leave his watch. He confirms that he will go through the end of the year, that he will not be married next year – what Aude considers "a pity"As she says with humor – and they will have children together, only that watch shows that they are made for each other." On a boat trip and the opening of a "bottle of champagne, the captain declares"Champagne, happy wedding", which was once again launched by Aude."Did you hear dear?"asks Christopher.

In short, this weekend was idyllic and given the speed between which things are going between them, it's not impossible to find the good news on the balance sheet.

Patrice and Silvie, discrete love

Duo goes to Pirenees-Orientales to go for a two-day walk with a donkey. However, between Patrice's animal, which allows himself a little pink and night in the shelter, she does not make her stay very romantic. But that's not a problem for them, because they want to go slowly. These two shy faces have for now a relationship of friendship, based on respect. But the fact that they do this together is evidence that they both want to go on. So they will go together to the balance sheet and hope to publish it nicely.

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