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Macron praises Hairi and defends his policy in Lorraine


Morhange (France) – Emmanuel Macron praised on Monday the "heroic" Poilus who fell into battle at the beginning of the war of 1914-18. The years in Lorraine, the second day of their long trip to the commemoration of the centenary of the end of the Great War. .

The head of the state has divided his day into two parts: after morning commemorations set in the afternoon to defend his policies and in contact with elected officials he saw during three hours, and the world economically.

It will be the same over the course of the whole week on the roads to the east and the north where Emmanuel Macron seeks to restore ties with the French on the background of poor surveys.

In an exhausting schedule, however, he did not make a vocal, as he was accustomed to traveling to the province, causing the resentment of residents waiting in Pont-a-Mousson (Meurthe-et-Mozel).

"Many would like to ask him questions, but we can not meet him when the president says that he is close to people"complained Jean-Christophe Meier, head of the CGT local trade union, who demonstrated with hundreds of people outside the station.

Emmanuel Macron began a day among veterans, including some of the 14-18 blue skies, meeting at the Battle of Morhange (Moselle), a defeat at the beginning of the war.

In the autumn fog, he gathered at the monument "to the fallen soldiers gloriously"in August 1914"100 years later, their victim makes us defend peace", proclaims the commemorative plaque he uncovered without speaking.

– "forgotten deaths"-

Present on his side, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Francois Lecointre, recalled the "disaster"an army that was at Battle of Morhange, an episode of the battle at the borders, which killed about 40,000 French soldiers during"fierce battles"while the French forces tried to bring Alsace-Mosel back to Germany.

"We do not remember defeat, we give birth to forgotten deaths"explained Joseph Zimet, Head of Centurial Mission.

"It is a great honor given to us by Mr. Macron. We are not used to see that the presidents come to the country, respect the fighters and the hair"said Jackues Idouk, Mayor (DVD) Morhange, a town of 4,000 inhabitants.

"The battle at Morhange was a real defeat"said Dominikue Gervasi, a historian and member of the grammar battery of Haute Alsace, a group of musicians in the period of military costumes."This defeat was particularly affected by uniforms, whose trousers were still red and very visible from the enemy, as well as unprepared generals, who were also returned to many later"towards him.

After Morhange, Emmanuel Macron will visit other World War I symbolic places, including the Verdun Tuesday, a very dense day that will also pay tribute to the writer Maurice Genevaik, one of the war period, Eparges (Meuse). He will finish the day in Reims with a gift "black army"including the Senegalese rifles, in the presence of the Maldivian President Ibrahim Boubakar Keite.

– reconstruction –

Afternoon was dedicated to the greetings of the spirit "reinvention and reconstruction"The Great East, a region that has not only recovered from the two world wars, but also"hitting"Deindustrialization, especially in Loren.

He visited the Novasep Biotechnology Company in Pompei, which recently announced an investment of 17 million euros for a biomolecular development unit for innovative treatments.

Then he had to get to know the investors who participated in the show "Choose France Grand Est", which will be attended by six ministers including Muriel Penicaud (Labor) and Nathalie Loiseau (European Affairs).

On this occasion, this could respond to the discontent that is growing on purchasing power and on increasing fuel prices. "The president has asked the government to work on ways to support the coldest and most vulnerable people"using a car, said his escorts.

After an interview with Sundays with Eastern and Northern Newsletters, Emmanuel Macron will speak on Tuesday morning in Europe 1.

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