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Macron went live from Charles de Gaulle to TF1

POLITICS – Before embarking on his first night on the ships of Charles Charles de Gaulle, Emmanuel Macron again gave the media an explanation of the inspiration of his policy, openly challenged by the yellow vests.

After testifying about the catapulting of Rafale, he met the crew of "Admiral to the Sailors", the head of state spoke live on TF1's 20h show. On the agenda: Donald Trump's offensive plaques, the construction of another airline that is expected to decide in 2020 and the promotion of aid measures against fuel growth, was announced in the morning by his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. With a bonus, unforeseen reception of the President of the Republic.

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Macron responds to Donald Trump's insults

He was convinced that he was not shaken by the sad tweet of the US president, Emmanuel Macron recalled the long-standing history of Franco-American friendship. "Allies must respect each other, I do not want to hear the rest," he said, emphasizing the fruitful cooperation between the French and US military. "Does not matter. […] I think he is doing American politics, I let him do American politics, "he concluded.

For the "European Army"

Confirming the need to build a "European army," Emmanuel Macron refuses to "put all our security in the hands of the United States". "I want to be autonomous in terms of eavesdropping on cyber attacks," he said, explaining defense budget allocations for the French army "the second budget of the nation".

"I want to do this at European level," the French president called, citing countries on the brink of Europe that are most exposed to external threats. "To be an ally will not be vassal," added Emmanuel Macron, the United States, which will remain a historic ally of France.

Towards a new nuclear aircraft carrier?

"We can answer this question in 18 months," Emmanuel Macron said, reminding that the operation costs at least 4 to 5 billion euros. The decision will be made 18 months after a series of consultations and a discussion on the military threats of tomorrow.

Macron promises to cut taxes

While ensuring that the amount of taxes "gradually diminishes" by the end of the five-year period, Emmanuel Macron defended the costs financed by these taxes, citing, in particular, investment in schools, hospitals, defense, security, interior, solidarity. Criticizing the "form of contemporary Pujadism" that would consist in the assertion of everything and contradictions, the President of the Republic promises to "solve the causes of the problem".

Purchasing power in relation to the cost of living

"All workers in our country have incomes that are increasing," he said, citing a decline in social contributions. Recognizing the actual cost-of-living constraints, however, Emanuel Macron defended accusations of an increase in world oil prices to explain the rise in prices in the pump.

As for tax increases, Emmanuel Macron takes over his policy by referring to the need to invest in the transition of energy.

Yellow waistcoats: "I hear anger"

"I hear anger and the fundamental right of our society to express it," says Emmanuel Macron, promising to "understand" the message of yellow vests. The head of state, however, expressed his "distrust" of attempts to revive the opposition that he was mocking about lack of consistency.

"There are many people in the mix of anger and blockade, it's not a country project, when you have people who want more public jobs and lower taxes, I say the French, we lie to you."

About unemployment: "I am not a business leader"

Recognizing the impatience of the results of a French person struggling to manifesto, Emmanuel Macron claims that his consistency and allegations will be judged for the duration of his five-year anniversary. "I am not a business leader," with "goals of fulfillment," he explained. "It's now an implementation and will gradually come in. It's time for our institutions. […] We are in a transition period, "the head of the state says.

Macron "angry" against himself

"I'm not perfect, maybe I made mistakes in the choice of the way-and-so, it's life, regret, like you, I think that the polemics are at that level, that they deserved it? No," replies Emmanuel Macron on his expulsion on polls .

After perceiving "anger" in the field, the President of the Republic assumes that he shares this rage. "I did not manage to reconcile the French people with their leaders," he admits, saying that this disappointment goes beyond his personality. "Deeper, this divorce is obvious in all Western democracies, which is profoundly affecting me," he concluded.

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