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Marilou Berri is a mother … Nathalie Baie presented the photo of Chupinours Laura Smet …


Marilou Berri was born his first child. – LAURENT BENHAMOU / SIPA

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Marilyn Berry is a mom

Happy event. In her Instagram account, a young woman discovered that she gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Andy, reports closer. Marilou Berri released a video on the social network, revealing the face of his baby, with the background of the song andi Rita Mitsouko. Several months ago,
The actress reported her pregnancy, still on Instagram.

Nathalie Baie presented the photo of Choupinours Laura Smet

Laura Smet hit her 35th candlelight on Thursday. On this occasion, his mother, Nathalie Baie, published her
Her Instagram's photo was her daughter when she was little. "Today, my little mouse is 35 years old, only luck …!" She wrote. Trognon, right?

Sonia Rolland is confident of her separation with Jalil Lespert

Sonia Rolland in a worse recording entrusted her with holiday director Jalil Lespert after nine years of love. "When I'm in touch, I create a protective cocoon. The men I met had a tendency to rest on their laurels, feeling so consoled that it does not work anymore. In addition, I lost my father in January 2014 and in June of the same year , my mother had a stroke, she was in wheelchairs, I had to fight on the power of my network, so my film director as a director could see the light of the day. For two years, the emotional charge has become too heavy. supported in my relationship either personally or professionally level, "she told Paris Matchadding: "Separation of itself has become obvious. Jalil and I have become friends. We wish him luck to face this difficult time.

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