Tuesday , May 17 2022

Mbappe will meet with a child who lost his mother in the demolished building of Marseille


It's a gesture that praises the champion. Kilian Mbappe will meet on December 12th next El Amine, 10 years old, who lost his mother in the collapse of the Noailles district building in Marseille.

Monday, November 12, that's his a teacher who called on Facebook for one of his students, El Amine. The boy will be turned on November 10th, and Chloe Herszkovicz thought: "THE GREAT GIFT should leave a message to El Amino or invite him to meet for 10 years!".

The boy is a football fan, and his favorite player is Kilian Mbappe. a message that has been transmitted to social networks thousands of timessports journalists such as Pierre Menes, followed by 2.44 million people, or Marie Portolano, sports channel journalist +. according to France Blue Provence, the magic of social networks worked as the PSG player obliged to pay the trip of boys and girls in the Paris region to meet with their idol at the meeting. tournament on December 12th.

The teacher states on the radio that this meeting will obviously not be sufficient to fill the void caused by the disappearance of her mother for a boy who is "very angry about life and very sad," but will bring him moment of happiness despite the tragedy.

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