Thursday , July 7 2022

Ovaries: It's important to vaccinate yourself!


EPIDEMIC – After a large increase in cases of smallpox in October, the Regional Health Agency calls for vaccination. Children are the most stressed.

Beware of epidemics! Although there were only a few cases of smallpox (about four months) from January to the beginning of September, 56 cases were discovered only in October, reveals France Bleu. The situation that pushes ARS (Regional Health Agency) to sound an alarm. Although the causes have not yet been clearly established, there has been a recovery of cases in France and Europe.

It's an extremely infectious diseaseRegional Health Agency.

Interviewed by France Bleu Paris, ARS General Director recalls that the goddesses "The disease (…) is extremely contagious, because every person can contaminate 15 to 20 people " and it is important to take care of the children. "Do not vaccinate risking your children, but also risks for everyone around you"says.

In adults, the consequences can be serious and for the most vulnerable, such as the elderly. Many cases have been recorded in Seine-Saint-Denis in relation to the Ile-de-France division. Eleven people are hospitalized, especially children whose vaccination is up to date.

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