Wednesday , August 4 2021

Renaud: his daughter Lolita in the emergency room with beautiful cuts on her arms …

This Tuesday morning has not started under the best auspices for Lolita Séchan! On July 20, 2021, Renaud’s daughter went to her Instagram account to tell in pictures her last mishap that led her to the emergency room … A trip to the hospital due to her faithful companion four-legged (and yet adorable). !

In the first two photos, the 40-year-old author and illustrator appears with a torn arm. “Cat attack and emergencies early in the morning“, he indicated for the first time at the beginning history. Obviously, answering questions from her subscribers, Lolita Séchan then said, “No, no, my cat didn’t attack me spontaneously, I was afraid of a friend’s dog and wanted to attack her, so, like a bitch, I grabbed him by the skin of his neck and he turned against me.“The frightened cat not only scratched his arm deeply, but Renan Luce’s ex-wife is also found with bite marks (see slideshow).

Back in the Parisian emergency room at La Croix Saint-Simon (20th arrondissement), which she says she frequented “regularly”, the mother of the young Heloïse Luce (9 years old) shared a series of souvenir photos of Bobby, red chat son responsible for their future scars. A companion who, in turn, recovered from this precious fear much faster!

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