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Renaudot's amazing reward in "Sillon" Valeria Manteau


While the second book of Valery Mantau was no longer on the list, this beautiful story in Istanbul, at the footage of journalist Hrant Dink, killed in 2007, has not yet been awarded.

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While he appeared on the first two races of the race for Renaudot, but not at the last, Sillon, by Valerie Manteau (The Tripod) got the difference, released on Wednesday, November 7th, at the same time as Goncourt, from the Drouant restaurant.

Determined by a jury: With all my sympathy, from Olivia de Lamberterie (Stock) for the essay of Renaudot and God, Allah, me and the rest, from Salim Bachi (Folio) to the Renaudot pocket. Special award is granted trunka Philippe Lancon, Recipient, Monday, November 5, Femina.

If the selection of Renaudot is surprising, it must be said that Valerie Manteau is a writer who has a gift for masking. After that, modestly, I'm convinced that I do not imagine them Quietly and quietly, his first book, like text on or around Charlie Hebdo (a newspaper for which he was a columnist between 2008 and 2013) the back cover simply says that he describes it "The sudden eruption of violence in the life of a young woman" – she offers Sillon a novel that is also slightly hidden.

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Valerie Manteau in Istanbul with Hrant Dinko at the helm

Passersby storytellers in Istanbul

It begins to turn the story of a flashy affair with the Turks into a precise decomposition of the earth. Without any stopping to appear as a narrative wandering story through Istanbul, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was killed in 2007.

Focused on the Asian side of the city, where the civil society that deals with the rights of minorities pushes, sees, smokes a cigarette, talks, teaches in the life of the city, advocates journalists and writers continued after a coup attempt in July 2016 …

The letter of Valery Manteau has the grace and ease that allows her to intertwine the evocation of what is happening in the head of a young French with a description of what is happening on the streets and in the country, while the return of the story of Hrant Dink. It is intertwined in scenes that are seen as the texts she reads, either from Dink, the novel by Asli Erdogan or the British drama writer Sarah Kane (1971-1999), but rather present in Quiet and quiet). And she does not have to shine beside them.

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