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Taking only one can of soda per day is bad for the liver


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FOOD: a small can of soda to accompany the meal? Well, it's bad for your health and especially for the liver, according to a study revealed by Inserm The Parisian this Tuesday, July 9.

It is not a secret that excessive consumption of sugary soft drinks, such as alcoholic drinks, harms the body. It is at the origin of a pathology known as "Soda Disease" or NASH, that is, an inflammation of the liver caused by a too large or too sweet diet.

But, according to the Inserm study, the adverse effects on the liver appear in the first tin. "From now on, it is known that a consumption of 33 centilitres a day jeopardizes the liver. Before, we only had estimates, "he said. The Parisian Lawrence Serfaty, professor at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, at the NASH congress venue to be held on 11 and 12 July in Paris.

As Dominique Lannes explained, the problem is mainly due to the amount of sugar present in these gas drinks, but also to its liquid state. "Because it is liquid, it is very easy to assimilate the intestine. Then you know the liver that makes this fat sugar, that's the risk," daily hepatogastric-entheologist explains. In contrast, "light" soft drinks containing less sugar are less problematic.

Presented as "the next global epidemic", NASH affects approximately one in five French and one in three adults around the world. In France, sports journalist Pierre Ménès has helped to let him know after having been operated several times.

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