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The appeal confirmed the conviction for "false testimony" by pneumologist Michel Aubier


He heard from the senatorial committee for the investigation of air pollution, the doctor did not specify that he is employed in the Total group.

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On his appeal on October 5, 70-year-old Michel Aubier played a trick of confusion.

Michel Aubier's name will stay connected with the first referee in France. Lying in front of a national representation, and not just in court, is a crime. The Court of Appeal in Paris confirmed on Friday, November 9, the doctor's judgment "False testimony" in front of parliamentarians. However, she convicted her to pay 20,000 euros less than the first instance. On 5 July 2017, the Paris Criminal Court imposed a six-month suspended sentence and a fine of 50,000 euros.

In this case, the former head of the pneumonia department at Bichat Hospital was found guilty of not telling the truth to the senates who audited him in the context of the Investigative Commission on financial costs of air pollution.

He heard on April 16, 2015, Professor Aubier was convinced that he had "nothing to do with the sector of economic actors", not stating that he had been employed since 1997 by Total as a medical consultant and member of the Board of Directors of the total foundation since 2007 . years. Collaboration he was also not considered capable of reporting to his main employer, public assistance – hospitals in Paris (AP-HP) or the High Authority of Health (HAS), of which he was a member.

like World Michel Aubier, dubbed "Diesel Doctor" due to his minimalistic attitudes about the impact of pollution, paid a total of 170,000 euros by the Total group in 2014.

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Pneumologist Michele Aubier was paid more than 150,000 euros a year from Total in 2013 and 2014

"Extremely disappointing judgment"

During his trial, October 5, 70-year-old Michel Aubier played a trick of confusion: "I admit I was wrong, but that was not intentional. I made a mistake, but I did not lie." Pe Francois Saint-Pierre tried to explain this "In the context of stress", his client, who is now retired, had "Confused concepts of conflict and interest" and dedicated "Misinterpretation" which he had "Destroyed his whole career". Arguments that did not convince the court, although Me Francois Saint-Pierre especially wants to remember that this is special "Significantly reduced sanction imposed" in the first instance.

"Despite confirming the guilt of a pulmonologist, it's a verdict extremely disappointing ", responds Nadir Saifi from Ecologie sans Frontieres. "20,000 euros is only 5% of what Mr. Aubier of Total touched to carry out his propaganda, points to the one that was the basis of the Senatorial Commission for the Investigation of Air Pollution. Once again, the criminal justice system proves that in terms of health and the environment, it is weak with a strong one. "

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