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the CEO landed, the unions worried


The Board of Directors has revoked the mandate of Mr. Get rid On July 2, the group announced a restructuring plan for the elimination of 1,900 jobs.

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On July 2, Conforama announced an important restructuring plan to eliminate the 1,900 jobs in France.
On July 2, Conforama announced an important restructuring plan to eliminate the 1,900 jobs in France. ERIC PIERMONT / AFP

One week after the announcement of a broad social plan, the board of directors (CA) of Conforama on Tuesday, July 9 revoked the general director of the group, Frank Deshayes. A decision you have "Ten times" The concerns of the unions, Agence France-Presse (AFP), have learned from representatives of Force Ouvrière (FO) and the General Labor Confederation (CGT).

"We do not know the reasons" of this revocation, said Mouloud Hammour, of FO, secretary of the Central Committee of Works (CEC), who confirmed the information of the Parisian. The representatives of the staff at the council did not have time to stay there because they were only called"At 11 am" for a meeting "At noon, disembark Mr. Deshayes"said Abdelaziz Boucherit of the CGT.

This revocation "It is a disgrace for him and for us, since he was one of the only ones who were still faithful to the employees. I was fighting for us"we regret Mr. Hammour.

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"Payroll Savings"

now "There are more representatives of the creditors to the board of directors"judge Mr Boucherit, because that exit "It does not go in the direction of a resumption of the progress of the company". "We really do not believe in a recovery plan. Conforama is rather in the context of savings that will be made on the payroll."

Conforama, owned by the South African Steinhoff group, announced on July 2 the launch of a restructuring plan for the elimination of 1,900 jobs (currently around 9,000) and the closure of 32 stores The mark. Conforama and the 10 department stores Maison Dépôt. This project must be detailed on Thursday at the CCE of the furniture and appliances group.

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Asked by AFP, the address only underlined it"There is only one plan", the one "Announced on July 2", to allow it "The company does not lose more money in two years". In addition, the unions were received Tuesday by the interministerial delegate for restructuring, we learned from the Ministry of Economy.

"You have received all the representative trade union organizations" Tuesday at Bercy, after Monday's leadership, Hammour said. "We have expressed our anger and have asked them to closely examine the implementation of the social plan and the complementary measures"added. This meeting "He did not reassure us about the role of the State"who says "You do not have any influence to pressure private companies"Boucherit added.

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