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The European Union imposes a fine of 242 million euros to Qualcomm


It accuses the giant of US electronics of charging prices below production costs in order to eliminate a competitor from the market.

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The European Commission imposed a fine of 242 million euros Thursday (July 18) on the American giant of Qualcomm electronics, accused of charging prices below production costs to expel a market competitor.

The Brussels survey focused specifically on the component market that allowed a mobile device to connect to the Internet. "Qualcomm sold these products at a lower cost [de fabrication] to big customers to eliminate a competitor "summed up European Commissioner of competition Margrethe Vestager in a statement.

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Abuse of dominant position

The US giant is accused of abusing its dominant position by establishing this so-called "predatory pricing" practice between mid-2009 and mid-2011, with two clients, the Chinese telecommunications giants ZTE and Huawei. The goal was"Remove" the British icera, "His main competitor at that time"who? "It became a viable provider"he is the European executive.

Icera was bought in May 2011 by the Nvidia North American technology company, which decided in 2015 to liquidate the industry interested in the Commission's investigation.

This fine follows a fine of 997 million euros imposed in January 2018 by another Qualcomm abusive behavior, which had paid huge amounts to its Apple client because it was not obtained from its rivals.

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