Sunday , August 14 2022

The most endangered vehicles are banned from Great Paris in the summer


The Big Paris Metropolis will be the next year of a "low-emission zone", which limits the circulation of the most polluting vehicles, decided today by members of the local council. "The Metropolitan Council has adopted a project to set up a low-emissions zone within the A86 of July 1, 2019 for vehicles classified Crit & # 39; Air 5 and Unclassified", a perimeter that refers to 79 municipalities and 5.61 million inhabitants, the city announced on Twitter. Its goal is to gradually increase the vignetting thresholds that are authorized to circulate, in order to achieve 100% of clean vehicles (electricity and hydrogen) by 2030.

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Category 5 vehicles (passenger and light commercial vehicles on diesel registered between 1997 and 2000, as well as several freight vehicles and trainers) are banned from traffic in Paris within weekly business days of July 2017, unclassified from January 2017 Fifteen French cities promised last month that by the end of 2020, low-emission zones would be deployed or amplified, a device the government believes will help the country avoid sanctions from the European judicial system. due to non-compliance with air quality standards.

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