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There are more cases of syphilis than HIV in European countries


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HEALTH – Between 2007 and 2017, they have reported more than 260,000 cases of syphilis in 30 European countries. A figure higher than the number of HIV cases in the same period, according to a report from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of 2010, the number of cases of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, increased on average by 70% in 7 years in Europe, with significant differences between countries.

The details of the report published on July 12 reveal that the countries most affected by this increase are Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Malta. In France, the number of cases almost multiplied by 3 years in 7 years, going from 597 cases in 2007 to 1748 in 2017. On the contrary, in the same period, the number of cases has declined in Estonia or Romania , where the number is divided by 5.

Relationships between men particularly affected

"Between 2007 and 2017, almost two-thirds of the reported cases involved men who had sex with men. Heterosexual men accounted for 23% of cases and women were 15%," writers of the " report

Again, however, the differences are very marked by the country. In France, cases of men who have sex with men account for 80% of the total figures, compared with 20% in Lithuania, for example, when legislation on same-sex couples is less open than in France.

It is not surprising and, in general, the authors of the report relate very clearly to the increase in the number of cases of syphilis and the decrease in the use of condoms. "The increase in the number of syphilis cases that we see in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, is the result of several factors, such as sex with no condoms and multiple partners, associated with a minor fear of contracting HIV, "says Andrew Amato-Gucci, head of the program.

"To reverse this trend, we encourage people to use the condoms consistently, with their partners, new or informal," he insists, encouraging more regular screenings.

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