Thursday , July 7 2022

Tim France: "This is the last chance for Martial," warns Mickael Madar


Former Monegasque and Parisian, Mickael Madar, played only three times in the Blues shirt and played Euro 1996 without playing one minute. Today, consulting Canal +, he believes Anthony Martial will be inspired to use a new pillar that has been extended by Didier Deschamps.

How do you welcome the return of Anthony Martial Blues?

MICKAEL MADAR. It is a gifted and constant player. He had a complicated course and his young transfer to Manchester did not help him. Suddenly we saw him too nice and too strong. Maybe he is. He played with weight over his head. Now, with years and experience, I think it will become better. Jose Mourinho has changed courtesy and sanctions. I hope he finally understood.

To understand what?

That football, it's not a lasting chance. It's still the third time that Deschamps gave him a chance to come back. Many players did not have that much. There, I think that's his last chance, because before, when he came, Deschamps continued to look for the right formula. He found it only during the World Cup. But now, Martial is clear: where he makes the effort or goes. Because earlier I do not have the impression that he had a good condition or that he was aware that the train quickly passes into the team of France.

What is the type of toy?

It's very powerful and very fast. It has enormous qualities. It's a phenomenon. I really like this player. I'll tell you even better: it's much better than Florian Thauvin, who has the status of a world champion, but without playing. For me, there are places to take on the team of France. If Martial plays at his right level, he can play a game with Thauvin.

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