Monday , September 26 2022

Tours: the KSV of France in the ears of Puma


Villeneuve-d 'Asck – Victory or Crisis: He fell in a series of five defeats, KSV France was convicted to win Saturday (9:05 pm) in Villeneuve-d' Ascot its second test match in November, Argentina , an old cousin is a source of misery in the past.

Recently last week, players simply do not have to think about it, this incredible defeat to the gong against South Africa (29-26) last Saturday, while they were a successful prestige and hoping. The first against the nation on the southern hemisphere since June 2016 in … Argentina (27: 0).

But they lost as Blues, and the face of their series in the fall was found to have changed: instead of advancing to Argentina full of security, they approached them with a separation of trust, such as "death game"Do not lose.

Not to be at the foot of the wall when admitting to Fiji, to start a suspicion of the season that will lead to the World Cup in 2019 and become the first in the professional era of the KSF of France, which will have six tests – it is the losing act.

For a moment, they only responded last year, they just stopped by a sad and historical draw against Japan (23-23), deadly for Gui Novez.

– "It's rock" –

Jacques Brunel replaced him and the results were not improved. If he seems to have restored the state of mind and body to Tricoloress, he has no substance: victory, he only won twice (in nine games) in 2018.

"It is difficult, but it is in the defeat that a group was built, his state of mind. By correcting our little mistakes, it will restrain us", he wants to believe in Cedate Gomes Sa.

Clouds will soon clear clearer skies, Brunel also convinced: "At some point, it will stop. We are here. If we were 10 kilometers (of the best), I would be more concerned."

The right pillar, his partners and coach were aligned this week: yes, the cruel defeat against Boxing was difficult to switch, but it's worth looking ahead.

Camille Lopez summarizes the general feeling: "It's painful, Saturday night and Sunday we are very complicated, we will not lie. But we switched on Monday, we avoided staying. At this level, we can not afford to complain about the previous game."

– "It's driving me crazy" –

The opener and his team-mates also can not afford to make the same big mistakes at the end of the game or earlier.

They make some very bitter, even angry, especially the oldest, which last Saturday (Maestri, Bastareaud, Guirado) oscillated between sparing and ras-le-tea.

Jefferson Poirot is newer at international level, but he still has his own language in his pocket: "What really disturbs me is the number of defeats in the last (World Cup) 2015 at 3 points or less (six, Ed). It ridicules me, we are kings of encouraging defeat or always very close to +".

Victory and rigor should therefore be taken at the Pierre-Mauroi Stadium against Pumas who for ten years have been regularly maliciously pleased to disrupt the KSF France in front of their public (2007, 2014).

The mind should take the leading role: Blues, as well as last Saturday with two exceptions (Fickou and Huget), must avoid doubts, turn their anger and frustration without falling.

"It will be a tone above the level of fighting, aggression, to make them realize that we are there"warns Baptiste Serin.

It took ten months to find Argentineans in the "popcorn of death"In Japan, a meeting where they do not project Blues, including Lopez:"We have too much short-term work to imagine something against Argentina at the World Cup."

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