Monday , April 12 2021

TPMP and the Loana affair: security intervenes directly to separate Sylvie Ortega and Eryl Prayer

The issuance of Do not touch My TV of March 2, 2021, at least the last part, was hard to see. Sylvie Ortega was invited to obtain a right of reply following allegations by Loana’s friend Eryl Prayer. As a result, he made often incomprehensible comments, insulted Benjamin Castaldi, and almost got into blows (twice) with Loana’s ten-year-old friend.

Platoon tensions and misunderstanding. Sylvie Ortega had to defend herself and the spectators received more than twenty mind-boggling and pathetic minutes. “What happened last night is very serious. I don’t know if there is anyone on this set who is aware of the seriousness of what happened. No one thought if I had a family, children, parents, that someone could have heart in my family, especially my mother who turns on the TV and who could have been rigidIt began with Sylvie Ortega, who referred to Eryl Prayer’s attacks and insults.

Back then, she who could defend herself never managed to get to the end of what she meant. She would go everywhere, sometimes being cut off by a laugh from Cyril Hanouna or preferring to laugh at her detractors for lack of an explanation. However, he sent a clear message: after the previous day’s broadcast, he could have committed suicide if she had not been a strong woman.

Regarding Loana, because it wasn’t the main topic, she didn’t say anything interesting. For her, if she had wanted to kill Loana, why would all the smiles appear on Hanouna’s show? Then the host wanted to discuss the accusations of the reality TV star about the theft of his jewelry and panties that were in the suitcase. In addition, Loana said she wanted to file a complaint. For Sylvie Ortega, Loana “accuses everyone of something“and recalls in particular that Loana had accused Fred Cauvin and his mother of taking 800,000 euros from him.

He then had to defend himself from trying to kill Loana by giving her medication, but again, the sequence led to nothing. We just remember that according to her, Loana “it is not bipolar“which is a”person who constantly lies“Then he started getting angry, the tone increases with Benjamin Castaldi who insulted an idiot. He also implied that he had files on him from the moment he would have attended his late partner Ludovic Chancel, Sheila’s son …

That was whenhighlights this mind-boggling and depressing spectacleIt didn’t happen with the entry of Eryl Prayer. She tried to cut him off dozens of times, but he managed to finish his speech while in the middle, the two protagonists left their seats to face each other, letting security separate them. The reason ? She has attacked Eryl Prayer’s father in the past, which has led her to be insulted live as a bitch and she responds that she dared to attack her husband.

In the end, the Elvis fan was able to make his statement: “I want to acknowledge that I let myself get carried away with your program and it’s not my way of being. I was very close to my father and knowing that a person like her could denigrate my family and my father who died in 2013 was unbearable to me. Those who respect the family can understand. Now I would like to retrieve Loana’s things, jewelry, credit cards, everything you have from her and that she can return to her. Loana would like you to deactivate the Tik Tok account opened in her name because she didn’t know, there is identity theft.

Then, after telling Sylvie Ortega that he had dragged Loana into the mud, the spirits warmed up again. Security intervened a second time, Cyril Hanouna stood between the two of them. It was hot, very hot and very sad.

Finally, Sylvie Ortega said she wanted to file a complaint against Loana because she said she wanted to kill her and wanted to do the same with Eryl Prayer. Because ? No details.

I’m not sure that these television interventions are of any use to Loana, although they say a lot about those around her …

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