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Understand everything at NRJ Music Avards


On each issue of "NRJ Music Avards", of which 20th was broadcast on Saturday night live at TF1 at 9 pm, its flood of controversy: in the absence of appointment, the results are more or less contested, or trials in favoritism for artists in the habitat …

We asked Jackues Grimal, General Event Coordinator, to be held at the Cannes Film Festival, to tell us more about the nomination system and the basics of the competition.

What are the criteria for appointing an artist?

They are multiple, but strict. First, it must be broadcast on the media TF1 and NRJ groups. "These are NRJ Music Avards, we presume that we are not France Inter, but about our artists," says Jackues Grimal. This song was then released during the reference period, which starts on the day after the nomination last year. "For this year, it is from September 25, 2017 to September 30, 2018." describes in detail the general coordinator.

Other criteria take into account the number of radio passages, listeners listening tests, sales level and streaming. "For three years, we have a referendum on the internet that starts 15 days before the start of the vote, with free and open questions." Our absolute criterion is the popularity of the songs, and the management of voices is entrusted to an outside company so as not to be accused or suspected of favors.

Why is Lartista, whose title "Mafiosi" was among the most prominent, is it called?

Since streaming is not the number one selection criterion. "Otherwise, it would favored the type of artists who listened to young people more," explains Jacques Grimal. He points out that last year Lartište had two nominations.

How are the winners labeled?

Only the votes collected on the event site, from 1St October on the eve of the 13-hour event. This year there were 2.5 to 3 million. "Huge" figure by Jackues Grimal. "It's about 300,000 votes by category, just to be important, just in the category of the song of the year, it's the subject of paying votes this evening tonight, or by phone, at 39 80, or via SMS, to 72,500.

Emission favors direct, but can arrangements be made by foreign artists?

"We're trying to avoid shooting in advance, but if that's the only way to have U2 because we have a very busy schedule, we do it," recognizes Jackues Grimal. "We saw calendars, especially for Ed Sheeran, which will come last year, but what really helped us was that it wounded the previous day with a hand. As a result, some dates of the concerts have been canceled, which could be easier.


Kan, November 9. Black Eied Peas, surrounded by Bigflo and Oli, Kendji Girac, Jenifer, Amir or Soprano. LP / Frederic Dugit

These international artists who perform at the NMA phase do not systematically inherit the price of honor. "Many people think so, but that's not true," Jacques Grimal promises.

Have international artists been paid?

No, and French. "But getting them expensive," says the NMA. They arrive with large teams, have plane tickets and are not an ecological class. Stickers pay for transport, and we take care of them from Canada, transport and housing. "

How are selected artists singing during the evening?

"The performance is not a reflection of the winner, nor 49 nominations," assures Jacques Grimal. "Some artists are not named, but they are the main ones, like Patrick Bruel this year, and David Hallidai will be the sole respect of his father. It's a television show that's broadcasting in the mainstream, you have to find a balance to get interested."

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