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Vincent Lambert: an "irreversible chronic vegetative state"


The experts appointed by the court confirm that the"chronic irreversible vegetative state" Vincent Lambert does not leave it anymore "possible access to the conscience", a conclusion that could tipify the battle of the court for a possible detention of the attention. At age 42, including ten died in a hospital bed after a car accident in 2008, Vincent Lambert is actually "an irreversible chronic vegetative state", write these three experts in his report dated November 18 and AFP obtained a copy Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Appointed by the Châlons-en-Champagne administrative court, they were responsible for deciding on the Patient situation and Its evolution since 2014, date of the last official experience. A prerequisite for the possible unleashing of a procedure to stop care, requested from April 9 for the University Hospital of Reims where the patient is hospitalized.

Experience requested by parents of Vincent Lambert

"Vincent Lambert is in a state of total psychomotor functional disability in 2018 clinically comparable to that recorded in 2014"They said, adding that You have registered "minimum aggravating elements". This father, an old psychiatric nurse, was examined twice, 16 hours apart, on the afternoon of September 7 and the following morning, in the presence of the medical advisers of the different parties, which are separate from the destination of the patient Because in the heart of this family tragedy there is a trench warfare between the relatives of Vincent Lambert, each one of whom has maintained his positions since the first attempt, aborted, to stop his care in 2013.

This experience was requested by the parents of Lambert, the Catholics close to the fundamentalist circles and a part of their brothers, who consider that Vincent is "Off" but yes "progress". yours "situation of total functional impotence due to irreversible brain damage" he banned him "all quality of life" and he does not "more access to consciousness"However, experts point out.

Your report, which shows the line of the crest that has been based for a decade, points to this "the extreme or total limitation of their capacity for access to consciousness, communication, motivation, the expression of their personality, the irreversible alteration of their image undermines it until one point that is not acceptable for him and for his wife and guardian ". Rachel Lambert struggles to fulfill the will of her husband, who, according to her, would not have wanted a difficult deal, even if he never put that will on paper.

"The debate is not about your medical condition, there is no doubt about it"

"It is not a surprise that it is not better, the debate does not deal with its medical condition, there is no doubt about it", reacted Wednesday, November 22 at AFP François Lambert, his nephew, also favorable to the cessation of attention. But in some places, the experts are more nuanced: they argue that the care of the patient through his "Basic basic needs are not unreasonable or unreasonable", a key element of Claeys-Leonetti's law on the end of life.

In his eyes also, the medical condition of Vincent Lambert "Does not require any emergency measure" i "There are structures in France that can accommodate it until its disappearance if the maintenance at the Reims University Hospital was impossible for other reasons than the mere medical technique." "We are in agreement with the experts on the need to finally transfer Vincent to a specialized institution" for him "access to the best attention", told AFP Jean Paillot, one of the parents 'parents' attorneys, contributing their own analysis of the report. However, this request has already been rejected by the courts. This report could pave the way for a new era in the legal battle of Vincent Lambert, whose destination has been drowned for five years under a legal and phased approach to the debate over the end of life. We return to the years of twists and debates about the end of life of Vincent Lambert in our interactive timeline:

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