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Yellow West: The Executive is looking for an outlet ramp


"Listen" without yield. "Understanding" without withdrawal. "Be careful"but "Stay on course". After mobilizing "yellow vests" against increasing fuel taxes, the government exhausted a catalog of kindle rejections Sunday. Against these formulations, they agreed for a marked movement outside the frame, in the form of a human impact in its first appearance: dead and more than 400 wounded, including 14 serious, according to the Ministry of the Interior, which counted 287,710 participants in 2,034 places (read page 4). Some blockades continued on Sunday.

As much as the events from 1St May, this wealth has not prevented the minister of ecological transition, Francois de Rugi, that on Sunday "Significant but not mass mobilization". Another argument by the executive: the anger of yellow vests would focus on so much, and perhaps even to the previous governments that Emmanuel Macron did. "Yesterday's term is not sanctioning in recent months, but for years of feeling of forgetting," trusts the minister. Although the Ifop poll was published on Sunday JDD, Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe are at the lowest level, with a popularity rate of 25% and 34%.


In essence, they tried to confirm the strongest representatives of the executive, demonstrators on 17 November would have expressed in relation to the government, not rejection, but a simple "Impatience". Keeping up without knowing the presidential project, because, according to LREM deputies and future party head Stanislas Guerini, "For our politics, they are thinking of them." Including an increase in the price of gasoline, it should save the most unstoppable "All-car lock" convicted in Paris Francois de Rugi.

Above the question, then, to return to the fuel tax path, which must see an increase in taxes on gasoline and diesel not only at 1St January 2019, but every year until the end of the five-year period. "The carbon footprint we have set, we will keep it" said Edouard Philippe on Sunday at 8 pm France 2. Recognizing "Suffering" but since we saw the week "Scenes that made anarchy".

The presidential camp in the immediate future had little more to tell protesters who preceded the movement by publishing a series of measures"Entourage" energy transition. Mostly additional help to replace pollutants and oil boilers.

"The device is good, it can answer the questions of many people, said LREM MP Matthieu Orphelin, close to Nicolas Hulot. Provided that this is known and people take it. " The elected representative expects further progress from the Law on Multi-Year Energy Planning (SPP), which will be presented by the end of November. But he is worried "For a moment, at the energy renovation of buildings, we are not there. Radical measures are absolutely necessary, for example, to speed up the payment of a tax credit for energy transition".

Total level

It remains to be seen whether these measures, which are focused on the transition of energy, and sometimes to the most populous households, can contain the challenge of the overall level of remuneration, regardless of whether they are under the ecological tax system. As with CSG increases, of which 300,000 extra pensioners were excluded in September, technical changes were announced posters, regardless of the intolerance of any additional fees. To the point that the smallest of them should be covered by the measures taken by the government (lower contributions and residence tax, future elimination of employees' contributions in overtime).

There is a movement of yellow vest "She wanted to show that it was a cheap tax", agreed on the Radio J of the Minister for Action and Public Accounts, Gerald Darmanin. Recognizing that the Executive Director is worried "Touch the most popular categories"it's not "Maybe" not down "Taxes of protesters". For its part, LR and RN have pushed their nails to advocate for these French "too poor to be rich and too rich to be poor," according to Marine Le Pen at RTL. Both sides called yellow vests to continue their actions in the coming days.

Dominicus Albertini

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