Friday , May 20 2022

A policeman kills an attacker in a refugee's home


Incident at the Dortmund asylum facility: 19 year old refugee games and attacks have been called by the police. You only know through the use of weapons of protection.

With a shot in the lower leg, a police officer stopped an aggressive attacker at a refugee facility in Dortmund. At the beginning, the 19-year-old slightly injured the refugees of the same era at night with a knife, and then also attacked the police.

Officials were initially using tear gas or pepper spray – but unsuccessful. One official then pulled out a pistol. "The video is rated on the current state of the investigation as a self-defense operation," the police said. The 19-year-old is being investigated for a dangerous attack and resistance to police officers.

Accordingly, the victim was not a deadly danger. Against a 19-year-old researcher, he is being investigated for dangerous body injuries and resistance against execution officers.

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