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AfD donation scandal: Veidels district association received 150,000 euros from Belgium – remittances


AFD-funding scandal The Veidels district association received 150,000 euros from Belgium – remittances

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On Wednesday night, the Veidel District Association gave a second foreign donation On Wednesday evening, the Veidel District Association gave a second party donation

On Wednesday evening, the Veidel District Association gave a second party donation

Source: dpa / Christoph Schmidt

The affair of anonymous donations campaign for AfD politician Alice Veidel is expanding.

  • First, the prosecutor has announced that he wants to investigate Veidel.
  • In the evening, her district association recognized a second donation of 150,000 euros from Belgium, which was returned.

GodIn addition to a large donation from the Swiss Party, he received another sum of 150,000 euros from Belgium. This was from the ambiguity of origin, but it was returned back, AfD said late on Wednesday in Berlin. Novčić received the Bodenseekreis district on February 13 with the sender "Stichting Identiteit Europa" and was sent after questioning on May 9th.

The new process was submitted to representatives of the regional council on Tuesday. AfD's Federal Director Hans-Holger Malcomeß informed the Bundestag administration on the same day.

The donation may have been accepted in the opinion of the party. "However, the Association of AfD District Bodenseekreis could not determine either the donor identity or the donor's motivation without a doubt, which is why he finally decided not to accept the money from" Stichting Identiteit Europa. "For this reason, there were no notifications from paragraph 2 of paragraph 2, paragraph 2 Of the Law on Political Parties, already on May 9, 2018, a note in full to the sender, "the party said.

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The paragraph's paragraph regulates the conditions under which foreign donors can accept foreign donations, such as donations from the property of a German or other EU citizen.

With the release of a new money transfer to the AFD from Belgium, the party obviously expected a media report. How the portal ARD "tagesschau.de" was published by VDR, GDR and "Suddeutsche Zeitung", which previously revealed the main donation from Switzerland, have already learned the weekend that the Lake Constance County Lake Constance group of parliamentary group leader Alice Veidel conveyed from Belgium. On Wednesday, Veidel asked for an opinion. In the evening, the federal party disclosed the process.

The Prosecution is determined

In the affair of the first major donation from Switzerland, the prosecutor earlier announced that they wanted to investigate the AFD leader for violating party law. Letters were sent to the Bundestag for the necessary abolition of their immunity.

The authorization was due to media coverage of the donation of the party and the criminal complaint needed to investigate the allegations. However, it was not clear whether it was in fact a violation. The investigation can be initiated only if the immunity of the members of the Bundestag is abolished. There is a 48-hour deadline that ends on Friday.

"For the purpose of payment, in any case, the donation of the Alice Veidel campaign" is precise, the authorities in Konstanz announced in a press release Wednesday. Switzerland donated PVS Pharmavholesale International based in Zurich, "in the trust of a business friend", as their committee had a research team VDR, NDR and "Suddeutsche Zeitung". According to "tagesschau.de" Veidels Kreisverband was supposed to pay 16,000 euros of legal fees from Swiss money. At the end of 2017, only 107,000 euros remained in the district account – too little to return the Swiss donation. Money from the EU country Belgium – from where the donation of the parties is not illegal, but from 50 000 euros should be reported to the Bundestag – he went to AfD data in February 2018. a. According to Veidel's information, the Swiss sum was transferred in April. In May, according to AfD, then the Belgian transfer was repaid.

The name of the donor, who sends money from Switzerland to Veidels Kreisverband am Bodensee, remains in the dark. The district's treasurer Brigitte Hinger, for the German news agency, said that in spring she had repaid about 130,000 euros, which last year came in individual tranches from Switzerland. Prior to this, there was a suspicion in the committee of the district association. In remittances she "apparently missed the donation". The fact that these 8,000 euros have not returned so far was only at the beginning of the week due to media reporting on this issue.

FDP: Check the complete financial management of AfD

Important officials of Baden-Württemberg AfD do not want to know about money from Belgium. According to Landesschatzmeister, Frank Kral and Landesparteichef Ralf Ozkara were quoted as "tagesschau.de". Kral said he was not involved in any judicial review.

The FDP demands that the President of the Bundestag Volfgang Schauble has the AfD's financial behavior in full. "This also applies to improper donations from Switzerland and violation of the obligation to notify after the donation from Belgium, other aspects," said FDP spokeswoman Konstantin Kuhle in Berlin. "The activities of a federal alliance to preserve the rule of law and civil liberties in Stuttgart, which provide massive support to AfD in electoral campaigns, are under control."

Donations of more than € 1,000 a year and donors from non-EU countries are illegal. Unless the donor is German. He was the leader of the AFD Parliamentary Group, a member of the Federal Executive Committee of the Party and the Deputy President of the District Association. The Federal Executive wants to advise on this issue on Friday. According to the Law on Political Parties, a party that illegally received donations and did not forward it to the President of the Bundestag, is facing a fine of three times the amount.

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