Monday , May 16 2022

After shooting: Cook from Rosin shov loses his forearm in the event of an accident


Horror messages even before broadcasting new episodes of "Rosins Restaurants". Roman Schmoll, the host of Gasthaus zur Post in Baierbrunn, lost his right forearm shortly after shooting the episode with Frank Rosin. The tragedy took place through the unsuccessful ballers that exploded in Schmoll's hand.

Then said "Munchner Merkur": "I saw the flash and immediately realized that my hand was gone, that it was lying on the meadow, that there was blood everywhere, that I was so sick, so bad that I no longer wanted to live."

Now, three months later, Roman Schmoll is again happy in the kitchen of his inn – with Hackebeil dentures. A friend made him a friend with a 3D printer, reports "Munchner Merkur". "I have to continue, now I will cook on my left."

Frank Rosin also commented on the tragedy. Instagram writes: "Dear roman, I admire your strength, continue a good job … (…) We were all shocked." "What is wonderful, he continues his moves and chefs in his restaurant in Baierbrunn," says the TV chef.

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