Friday , May 14 2021

Aldi Sud: A spicy mistake – now a mystery lover

At Aldi Court there is a spicy mistake, and the diskette is a mystery. Clients react so.

Munich – Aldi users regularly inform the discontinuer about their concerns, wishes and comments on current products. Many social media use the presence of supermarkets on Facebook. The Aldi Suds page in the social network gets, but also many times in the titles.

Also through the post on the company's Facebook page. The user has posted a photo that should show the Aldi brochure – you can see it at a candle and an accompanying price. For now, so often. However, the description of the article for frown provides: Big and clear is written there: "LED Realvichskerze". The buyer is obviously surprised.

Here you will find all the latest products from the Aldi brochure from Thursday.

Client on Facebook for Aldi: "What are Vichs candles exactly?"

Moin Aldi South. We wanted to get some candles for the Christmas season and we came across this exotic specimen. What are Vichs candles exactly? Is this a special item from or describes quality? Thanks for the quick response, "he writes. is an online store for erotic products founded in 2006.

The obvious error on Facebook seems to be laughing and it receives some reactions with the smile. One user even comments: "Seki". Aldi Sud responded in the meantime.

Here you will find all the current products from Aldi's brochure from Monday.

Aldi replies: "From what age does this antique picture come from?"

"He Sebastian, from which century – and in particular from which area – was this ancient record taken?" Is the reaction Aldi Sud. The team of social media outlets is probably just as surprised as customers – but then proves to be pure humor: "Fortunately, modern candles are made from high quality real wax, not from … well," says the discotheque with Emoji,

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Still: "They are cheaper: at ALDI Nord, similar candles from Monday, offered on November 26 for only 9.99 euros." Whether the photo from the prospectus is so current, is not very obvious and at least suspicious. Similarly, it is not clear whether it is actually (older) prospect Aldi, or the buyer just wanted to allow a joke. In any case, he always took care of Lacher.

The same thing happened with Aldi's client who caused a photo shoot and apparently a mistake. Greater appeal is the buyer who bought the pizza. She came across something that did not work and contact Aldi on Facebook. And Aldi is not the only participant in the fight with flaws: Penny has recently been focusing on false tagging.

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