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Ammerndorf / Furth: bus accident – a dramatic rescue operation


Near Fuerta two cars collided on Thursday afternoon. There was a great deal of employment for the fire department and the rescue service. Twelve persons were seriously injured.

  • Around 13.45 am has a serious accident with two scheduled buses between Ammerndorf and Zirndorf in the district of Furth.
  • Buses obviously hit the head. There are about 40 injuries. Some children are recovered from wounds of severely wounded
  • The police have set up a place for collecting parents and relatives at Cadolzburger Straße 2 in Ammerndorf and a citizen's telephone: 0911/1999200.
  • Video from the crash site in Ammendorf / Furth

+++ Update +++

7.35 am: One day after a grave bus accident involving a dozen injured people in Ammerdorf, the cause is still unclear. The facts did not change overnight, the police said early Friday morning. There is no new information about the condition of the injured.

Now you know the exact victims: A total of 26 injured in a bus accident

21.15: About 12 passengers were seriously injured, 14 were slightly injured. Initially, the investigators reported 40 injuries to children, adolescents and adults, the DPA reported. The police initially talked about school buses, but later corrected this information. This applies to the bus lines on which she sat and the student. Another car falls into the crash site, whose driver is seriously injured. Two bus drivers were seriously injured.

18.00: The number of injured people is currently different. So reported AFP twelve people who are seriously injured. As a result, another 14 people were slightly injured. the painting reported 27 injuries, about a dozen people were seriously injured.

Photo gallery: School buses collide

17:05: Discovering the scene of the accident takes hours. The police are currently reporting. The path remains closed. In the meantime, the police are looking for important witnesses and participants in the accident. According to this information, the persons were taken away by bus before the rescue workers arrived. They should immediately report to the police at 0911/973997180. Continuation of the investigation of the causes of the accident. Until then, care was taken of the injured. According to Nevs5, 15 people were seriously or moderately injured. Five people were seriously injured. So far, the police do not exclude deadly injuries.

16:13: The Mittelfranken police headquarters reported the current state of the accident. Accordingly, at least two children are seriously injured: "At 1:30 pm, for unknown reasons so far, two public transport buses collided on the ST2245 connecting route between Vintersdorf and Ammerndorf.

One of the bus drivers was seriously injured. According to current data, several passengers are seriously or slightly injured. Two buses also included adults and students. According to the current situation, two students are seriously injured among the students.

Video from the crash site in Ammendorf / Furth

School bus traffic in Ammerdorf and Furth: Two children seriously injured

The Traffic Police Inspectorate Furth took over the fieldwork, the coordination of the mission took place at the police headquarters in central Franconia. The traffic route between Ammerndorf and Wintersdorf is currently closed at 16:00. Traffic is redirected. Numerous rescue teams have been deployed on site. The injured transported ambulance and helicopter to nearby hospitals. "

4:04 pm: Also Kreisbrandrat from Furth Dieter Mark locally coordinates and expresses itself on the situation. "When I came to work, there was a lot of chaos, many children and adolescents lying on the street and on the side, the first responders already helped." The captives were quickly released from the firefighters, who have not experienced such an accident yet, Mark says.

The strike in a school bus in Ammerndorf claims about 40 injured


About 40 were injured, five of whom were seriously injured. These are seriously injured students and two bus drivers. There are three rescue helicopters in use. A police helicopter was also called. The police do not exclude injuries that endanger life. Bert Rauenbusch, a spokesman for the Central Franconia police, speaks of a "terrible story". I have not experienced such an accident yet. "In addition to the two major collisions in the event of a collision, another vehicle is involved in the accident.

Update, 15:36: The police established a collecting point and informed via Twitter:

Serious accidents: school buses collided in Furth

Update from November 15, 14:50: After the collision of two school buses in Ammerndorf near Firt, the first details became known. At least four people were freed on Thursday afternoon by heavy equipment from the fire department from the bus ruins, a spokesman for the police said on the scene. The situation was because many injuries continue to be very confusing. Several rescue helicopters were in use.

According to initial police findings, two occupied school buses collided. Another vehicle was driven to the scene of the accident.


Serious accidents with two school buses in Ammerdorf in the Firt district – 40 wounded

First report of 14.18 hours:

Ammerndorf / Furth – On Thursday afternoon, a serious traffic accident occurred on the state road 2245 between Veinzierlein and Ammerndorf (Lkr. Furth). According to the police, two school buses collided with full force. According to the police press office, several people were injured. Further verified information is not yet available.

The mission works. Further information will follow.

Nevs5 / Kmm

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