Saturday , May 8 2021

Armin Laschet defends the “bridge blockade” against Corona

DThe federal government has cautiously taken the initiative of CDU President and NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet to advance upcoming federal state consultations on crown policy. The federal government “is always ready for joint consultations,” a government spokesman in Berlin said Tuesday. “The prerequisite is that they are well prepared.” Similar statements came from the federal states, Bavaria and Thuringia also noted that the first consultations only make sense if concrete decisions are prepared.

Laschet had suggested on Monday that the prime minister consult with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) this week instead of April 12th. The so-called bridge blockade should then be decided to reduce the number of crown infections, he said. After much criticism of his statements, Laschet defended them on Tuesday.

Lock for “two or three weeks”

“We recognize that in a very short time 20 percent of the German population has been vaccinated,” Laschet told ZDF this morning. “Right now, experts tell us, we should make another effort and reduce public life.” If it were possible to reduce the incidence in this way, a new relief is also conceivable. “My suggestion was simply to reduce the incidence with an effort,” Laschet said, “in order to have the new opportunities that citizens expect.” The blockade should last “two to three weeks.”

With the help of “new mechanisms” like the “Luca” app for contact tracking, an extension of model projects can also be conceived if the incidence is lower, Laschet said. These steps should be prepared in the coming weeks, “then you can get into the time when you can open them carefully,” Laschet said.

“It’s still very unclear”

Although new infection rates are currently showing a downward trend, which may be due to limited reporting on the Easter holidays, intensive care units are once again busier with Covid patients, he said. dir Laschet. Now it’s about “going back exactly in this last piece of pandemic.”

German health authorities reported 6,885 new infections at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in one day. According to the RKI, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants reported within seven days was 123 nationwide on Tuesday morning. The day before, the RKI gave this seven-day incidence at 128, three weeks ago at 83.7. In addition, 90 new deaths were recorded in 24 hours.

Laschet’s movement met with skepticism from several other prime ministers. “I think it’s still not clear what Mr. Laschet means by that,” Berlin government mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said Monday in the study of the capital ARD. “A closure of the bridge for a transitional period and then with what measures? And that should apply until a lot of people are vaccinated. What does all this mean? Therefore, I think many of Mr Laschet’s considerations have not yet been concluded, and in that sense I think it makes no sense to meet for a conference of the Prime Minister earlier than planned.

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