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Asteroid "Oumuamua": IS THIS Mysterious Flying Object of an alien spaceship?


More than a year ago, astronomers discovered an enigmatic object that goes beyond our solar systemInitially, it was still considered a comet or an asteroid, and it was named the Oumuamu asteroid.

Do we look at aliens?

But scientists now consider extraterrestrial spaceshipwith the goal of exploring us and our planet. This was published today by the portal portal "Metro" and "Mirror". Last Tuesday, scientists from the prestigious University of Harvard published an appropriate study. Here, Shmuel Biali and Abraham Loeb of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics claim that the elongated object has "alien origin."

The mysterious object is the first one that came from our second solar systemHer strange form and her strange behavior give researchers a riddle. The researchers' results suggest different explanations for the unusual shape of objects that they classify as "a new class" of space objects.

Researcher: "Oumuamu" came specifically to Earth

About an 800-meter-long facility went off the ground and surrounded our sun for nearly 200,000 kilometers an hour. "Oumuamu" is so unusual that it is Our She said that "she had never before seen a natural object with so many extreme proportions in the solar system."

As it passed through our Earth, it accelerated and changed its course, which is very unusual for a natural object, scientists say. "Oumuamua"so it could be" a fully functional probe deliberately sent by alien civilization near the Earth, "they wrote in their study.

Researcher: Oumuamua is an alien spaceship

It was initially assumed that the building was an ice comet for high speed. Because this would explain the acceleration that would in this case be caused by the heat of the sun. This causes gases and the comet accelerates.

But now scientists do not agree and exclude in their article the possibility that "Oumuamua" is an active comet. Instead, they now think it's an enigmatic thing around you alien spaceship with broken machines or parts of such.

Enigmatic object uses familiar technology

"Assuming it's artificial origin, Oumuamua could be a tent that floats through the interstellar space, floating like the remains of a ship with advanced technical equipment," astrophysicists say. These spaceships use large and very thin panels that affect the sun's radiation.

On the next video you see why the "Oumuamu" could be a huge awning:

"Oumuamua could be an active component of extraterrestrial technology to explore our solar system, just as we hope to explore the Alpha Centauri with Starshot and similar technologies," Mirror said.

Researchers advocate for more than a year

The fact that the object turns on its axis or is constantly moving when it moves can also indicate that it is part of the space ship, the researcher. For the first time, this mysterious object was opened by Haleakala Observatory on 19 October last year Hawaii discovered.

Since then, experts have confused what exactly is. Even his name gives a wide space for speculation. "Oumuamua" in the Hawaiian means "a far-reaching messenger". The official name of the flying object is A / 207 U.

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