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Bachelorette Nadine Klein defends himself after separating from Alexander Hindersman against the allegations


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It's becoming more and more colorful!

As "Bachelorette" Nadine Klein (32) and her chosen Alek Hindersmann (30) publicly announced their separation, she welcomes the allegations in the network. Also, the reasons for the separation are speculated by the fans.

In the beginning, Alek tried to protect his ex: "We, as a couple, had our crops and crashes and there are always two of them," he wrote at Instagram.

But that did not help: the fans blamed Nadine for the breakup.

Nadine Klein is enough

Then Nadine defended himself. She wrote in Instagram: "I would not like to comment on the separation between me and Alec. Exactly two people know exactly what happened between us: Alec and me."

Still: "Leave these insinuations and speculations! For us, the situation is already heavy enough."

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That's what Nadine says about separation.


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Alek publishes a photo with former GNTM candidate Gerda

In short, he again became silent about the new singles when he next sounded through the net: On Friday evening, Alek Hindersmann set up a picture in his Instagram story, which shows him together with the former GNTM candidate Gerd.

A short time later he erased the photo – probably because he and he heard the protest. Still, this photo leaves a pale late taste. Can Gerda be his new girlfriend? Or worse, the reason for the separation of "Bachelorette" Nadine?

How is Nadine with a photo?

Many are worried about Nadine now. What if she suffers from the "new" on Aleko's side?

At the request of Bilda, the 32-year-old made it clear:

Our problems were not superficial, such as a joint photo with Gerda. On the contrary, they were much deeper. We tried it over and over because the feelings were one after the other. But in the long run, even the most perfect words will not help if behavior reflects something completely different. Explain all this privately and remains private. All I can say is that I do not finish my relationship for good for no reason. It breaks my heart, how this has evolved over the last few weeks, and that's why I have to go remotely.

It seems that Gerda has nothing to do with the separation of Alec and Nadine. And Alek has to fight criticism and hatred in the network based on this disinformation.

Alex defends himself in Instagram's post against the nettles

The personal trainer is tired of constant hostility. That's why he published a detailed statement on Instagram.

"Instagram should not be a platform to ignore one's own frustration, bad mood, dissatisfaction or otherwise with other people," he writes.

Still: "I do not have to follow anyone who thinks I'm an actor, my feelings are just fake, my relationship would be just fake or the ad does not want to see it. It's up to you. Just let people live and do their job."

Many fans were disappointed that Nadine and Alek had separated so much. Everything looked perfect.

But only two months after their completion, their relationship has been terminated. Last Thursday, Nadine Klein and Alek Hindersmann announced their breakdown (read more here).

Earlier, Alek wrote on his Instagram profile: "For Nadine it was unfortunately not a sufficient basis for a link." That's why many fans have accused her of being responsible for separation.

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