Friday , October 7 2022

Bambia Prize 2018: Thomas Gottschalk gets a consolation prize after Valdbrand


Goosebumps guys, stars, a few small glitches: On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Bambi Media Award, the German actresses and international stars met at the Berlin Theater Theater. "There are dates you do not say – even if the cabin fires," says entertainer Thomas Gottschalk. Gottschalk talks about what is everywhere: a forest fire in California, which also destroyed his house.

But there were consolations for Gottschalk: from the hand of Hollywood star Liv Tilerbekam he is the new Bambi as a special prize. Together with the Italian Hollywood diva Sofya Loren, he looks back at the 70th anniversary of Bambi's history.

At the beginning of the performance there is a mini-slam: Marie Baumer is the first in the category of "actress national" presented – and obviously thinks she has won: she shines on stage and must be disappointed by laureate Heino Ferch: "Oh no, not yet." Baumer quickly return to your seat. Unfortunately, she can not return to the scene: Paula Beer wins the Bad Banks Reward.

Sebastian Koch became the best actor. As the best international actress Penelope Cruz was awarded. The Bambi trophy is so beautiful, says the actress in an interview with the DPA news agency. She will probably reward her Academy Award.

The best film has been named "Babylon Berlin" (ARD / Ski). At the voting crowd, singer Michael Schulte wins Bambi. He took fourth place in the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.

After the scandal there is no Bambia for Ribera

Initially, the Bayern stars Franck Ribera and Arjen Robben were supposed to get Bambi in the Sport category – but the organizer decided after the Ribery scandal: they decided against this award, and after that, after the defeat Borussia Dortmund was physically attacked. Lucki for striker Verder Bremen Claudio Pizarro, who could now receive the prize.

He just rejoices, says Pizarro in front of a gala. And later on the reindeer scene: "I've been thinking so much about what to say, but I can only say thank you – especially to my family." With Patrick Lange, another athlete gets a trophy. The triathlon and double winner Ironman Havaii receives a special jury award.

Bambi winner Rod Stevart in the Legend category had to cancel his participation in the gala in the short run: Stevart had to cancel his participation in the gala, but in the short run. He injured his foot while playing football. Mark Forster and Dua Lipa were named best musicians, both nationally and internationally. Luke Mokrieus convinced the jury as the best comedian.

Liselotte Pulver is awarded for her lifetime work. "The laughter of German film history," says one player. The 89-year-old waved his fans out of applause. "It's great to be so honest at such a good time." Despite one of the longest career, "Lilo" holds the shortest night's speech.

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