Monday , April 12 2021

Black Desert launches self-publishing with a 100% discount on Steam

Pearl Abyss announces a 100% discount on the Steam title to celebrate the new era of Black Desert Online self-publishing. On February 26, Pearl Abyss will take over the game services from former publisher Kakao Games. Pearl Abyss is committed to maintaining high standards of performance, server infrastructure, and community and customer service in all languages ​​supported by Black Desert Online.

Pre-registration for the account transfer began in January 2021; now it’s time for adventurers to continue their journey with Pearl Abyss. Players will need to complete a few steps to continue using the Black Desert service after February 26th. As of May 31, 2021, all files that have not been transferred will be deleted and cannot be restored.

To celebrate the new chapter of the franchise and the 5th anniversary of global service, there is a 100% discount on Black Desert Online on Steam. Adventurers can add the game to their library for free between February 26 and March 10 and keep it permanently.

Following the live broadcast from Pearl Abyss last week, another broadcast event will be held on March 2 at 10 p.m. The stream will be filled with interesting information about the upcoming content and rewards of the game for viewers.

In addition, all adventurers will receive the following rewards when they change the special voucher “We are one!”:

  • PC version rewards:
    • [Event] Reinforcement kit II
    • Box: Arcana of Destiny *
    • The special Black Spirit dice box
    • Special title “Together as one”
  • Console version rewards:
    • [Event] Reinforcement kit II
    • Cron-Stein x 100
    • Special title “Together as one”

* Note that Black Desert for Console players will not receive any boxes: Arcana of Fate, as Black Spirit adventures for this version are not yet available.

Coupon code: 0225 WEARETHEONE!

Expiry date: March 10 at 23:59 (UTC)

Plus, sign-in rewards are more powerful than ever. They contain primordial spiritual powder, bright blood red fire flower, accessory box: Tungrad (rare) and accessory set: Capotia.

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