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Cannon dummy gum and Rossmann: confiscated police package


A so-called cannabis gum is available in German pharmacies for a few months, also for children. There is now a discussion about the legality of the sale.

– Reiner Porzelt is surprised. The Garmisch-Partenkirchner principle had been walking through Gentian Street with a woman and her adult son at the beginning of the month, when police officers checked them and found them. Officials confiscated a package of Taff Inaff chewing gum from their son. He shows himself: a hemp plant. The trio was surprised. After all, the home had previously bought the drug product DM.

Cannabis gum purchased at DM: police confiscated child packages

Porzelt could not understand it. So he went to the pharmacy one hour after the incident. On the chewing gum footing I found one of these packages. Taff Inaff seems to be the great success. Because: "The other shelves were still full." The premises examined bottles more closely, especially the ingredients. It is said: "With cannabis, antioxidants and essential oils selected for the care of the oral oral flora."

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Another note: the chewing gum is not inflated. However, due to the so-called ARfD values, that is, the limits of acute effects, it is recommended to consume only a chewing gum a day in 20 minutes. Parzelt asks: is the sale legal? Especially without age restrictions? Clemens Stockklausner, general doctor at the children's hospital, also doubts the utility of the product.

Cannabis gum sold to children: discussion about drugs and legality

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen police confirmed having seized the chewing gum. According to the inspection, this is an inspection in the health department. However, only one result can be expected in about half a year.

In fact, it is the ingredient, the CBD cannabinoid, which is derived from male hemp and which, unlike THC, is not poisonous. A Taff-Inaff gum has five milligrams each. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), according to the literature available, it probably does not have any psychoactive effect. The CBD is currently under investigation as a possible drug in clinical trials. The contradictory data do not give a conclusive answer to the risks to health derived from the consumption of gum containing CBD, according to the BfR.

Self-experience: how dangerous is cannabis really?

CBD on cannabis gum to DM: Youth Protection Act does not prohibit the sale

Basically, the substance is not an anesthetic in the sense of the Law of narcotics. The Youth Protection Act also prohibits children and adolescents from giving it up. In accordance with the EU Ordinance on the food basis (article 14), the producer – the Swiss company Roelli Roelli – is responsible for ensuring that food is safe, that is, safe For children, according to a spokesman for the federal Ministry for the family. This "will continue to follow the development of these products with great attention".

The company Roelli Roelli, based in St. Gallen sees no reason to retain the children's gum. That they are brought with the chewing gum to "grass", categorically denies. Especially because he does not like it. "We believe that it is totally beyond doubt that someone becomes a piceador due to the packaging or consumption of Taff Inaff," says an employee. The reason for which it is delivered. A band, a boy or a girl does not recognize the hemp blade as such. On the other hand, older children have an age in which they can completely treat the subject.

Chewing cannabis gum to dm: The company defends the positive properties of the active ingredient

The company, which works with Medropharm, a specialist in cannabid-containing products, points out the "exclusively positive properties" of CBD. In this sense, says the employee of Roelli, "there will be a lot, much clarification will be made." In fact, the company has the managing director Kristofer and Andreas Roelli in the beginning of 2019 at the most important candy trade fair, ISM Cologne, with the "Swiss". The cannabis gum "finished third – as a top innovation.

Dispute over cannabis gum: so far there is no approval from the Ministry

The gum is currently available at pharmacies and online stores. A spokesman for the drugstore chain dm announces that it is marketable, that is, allowed for general trade. But there are inconsistencies in this regard. Because in the so-called catalog of new EU food products, extracts from the hemp plant and derived products, if they are not drugs, are considered new foods. These must be valued for health and approved before being introduced to the market. As requested by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, but there is no approval at this time. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food confirms this and reacts: it will inform the authorities responsible for monitoring in Bavaria.

The sale of essential oils that contain CBD had already caused great stir. Pharmacies like DM and Rossmann have already banned cannabis products. This now also threatens chewing gum.

Keyword: CBD

In addition to tetrahydrovannabinol (THC), CBD is one of the leading cannabinoid representatives in cannabis sativa cannabis plant. It is said to have anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects. Other pharmacological effects are being investigated. In addition to the gum contained in the CBD, they drive the giants Rossmann and DM pharmacies for some months and the CBD oil. According to media reports, companies have decided to withdraw the product at the moment. The reason is the ambiguity as regards legality. Jurisprudence on this issue is complex.

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