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Champions League Live at DAZN: Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund enjoys live TV


Find out how to watch the Champions League with Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund live on TV and sink now.

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November 05, 2018, 15:49
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Hamburg | Borussia Dortmund beat Atletico Madrid 4-0 in Group Stage Champions League 2018/19. Two weeks ago. As group A leaders, BVB goes to the second game of the first round. on the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 (beginning of 21st), Dortmund is the guest of Atletico Madrid. So you see Atletico vs BVB live on TV and livestream.

Atletico – BVB Live: Champions League live on DAZN

Borussia Dortmund not only comes as champions in the Champions League in Madrid, but also as the first of the Bundesliga. The 4-0 victory two weeks ago against Atletico Madrid contributes, in addition to BVB riding with wide chests to his back leg in Madrid. (Read here: BVB looks forward to a "great week" and focuses on Atletico Madrid.)

Only streaming portal DAZN shows the Champions League live with Atletico Madrid against Borussia Dortmund. Since this season of 2018/19 DAZN has been broadcasting numerous live matches in the Champions League. Tax-based streaming service is available for € 9.99 per month – the first 30 days after the first registration is free. On Tuesday, at 21 o'clock, the Atletico BVB game can be watched live in progress.

Atletico Madrid – BVB live on TV and stream: Champions League live at the Sky Conference

On television, the meeting of Atletico Madrid against Borussia Dortmund can be seen live only at the ski station conference Ski. From 20:50 on the transmitter "Ski Sport 1" a live conference with all matches of the Champions League will be held, which starts on Tuesday at 21:00. In addition to the BVB game in Atletico, there is also a game of FC Schake 04 against Galatasaray in Istanbul. The paid "Ski Go" application allows ski subscribers to see the live conference in progress in the Champions League. Ski users will have to download the Ski Go application for PC or mobile devices.

There is no free and legal alternative to paid DAZN and Ski offer for the Atletico Madrid match against Borussia Dortmund. Although there are a number of free offers on the Internet, the use of these streams is not recommended because they are at least in the legal gray area. (Read here: These are the top ten new rankings in the Bundesliga season 2018/19.)

Where is the Champions League 2018/19 live on TV and livestream?

As for the live coverage of the Champions League 2018/19, fans in football have to change from this season. Until last season, the payroll station Ski still held the rights to all TV shows of the prime minister, and ZDF showed each game a game with a German live broadcast on a free TV. Since this season, ZDF is no longer allowed to broadcast live matches in the Champions League, but with the DAZN streaming service, a new provider has been added, with which Ski has to share TV rights. (Read here: Ski and DAZN live in the Champions League.)

If you want to see all the matches in the Champions League 2018/19 live on TV and meadow, you have to pay two services: Ski and DAZN. The agreement between the two channels is quite confusing. It is clear that Ski shows all 40 Live Conferences, but only 34 live instead of a total of 138 individual games per season. The remaining 104 live games are exclusively seen on DAZN. "We are focusing on the best of our partner in width," said Ski Carsten Schmidt, executive director of the company. This includes some games with German participation, although Ski promises to play most of the German live games. On a free TV, the Champions League is no longer seen live.

The group stage of the Champions League will be held in six games with a total of 96 group matches. The event will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 18.55 and 21.00. Ski shows a live conference daily and start time, and also has twelve individual games in the program – two days per game. The remaining 84 preliminary matches will be played live at DAZN. Although soccer fans have to complete an individual package in Ski to see live in the Champions League, DAZN simply regulates it: the entire program is available for 9.99 euros per month.

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