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Covid treatment, bats, pregnancy | FR | 24 09 2021 | 13:55


EU Treaty for another drug Covid-19

The EU Commission has signed a framework agreement for the joint procurement of a Covid-19 drug from pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. 18 EU countries participated in the joint purchase of 220,000 treatments of a drug with monoclonal antibodies. It is the second antibody drug to be ordered by the EU.

Design: Rosa Lyon

Vampire bats prefer to suck blood with friends

Social contacts and friendships play an important role in the animal kingdom, including vampire bats. As a new study shows, suckers prefer to look for prey with friends of their own species.

Design: Raphael Krapscha
With: Simon Ripperger, biologist at the Berlin Museum of Natural History

Experts recommend caution with paracetamol

To combat pain and fever, pregnant women often resort to paracetamol, also for lack of alternatives. A new review article on the status of the study now advises caution: the active ingredient should only be used at the lowest dose and as short as possible during pregnancy, experts urge.


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