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Crown: Söder wants to announce the relaxation of Bavaria: a lock press conference will be held today

More crown relaxation in Bavaria? Prime Minister Markus Söder is determined. The current lock analysis is currently being published.

  • Today the Bavarian cabinet meets. Prime Minister Markus Söder is pushing for new openings, which are also to be announced at the subsequent press conference (update from 23 February at 6.53am).
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Update from February 23, at 9.27 in the morning: In Munich, the relevant 7-day incidence fell again slightly. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it is now 31.6. A value of 32.5 was announced yesterday Monday.

Is the crown officially relaxed for Bavaria today? Söder’s statement was eagerly awaited

Update from February 23, at 6:53 a.m .: Bavaria remains the sad leader of the Crown’s charts throughout Germany. With three counties, Bavaria leads this in terms of 7-day incidents. At the top is still Tirschenreuth with 355 cases, an average of 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. He is followed by Wunsiedel (307) and Weiden (253). However, from Markus Söder’s point of view, there is apparently room for relaxation. The Bavarian Council of Ministers meets today to discuss them specifically. Of course, Söder previously revealed what would be decided. Nurseries, garden markets and flower shops are also set to open on March 1st.

State Chancellor and Crown Coordinator Florian Herrmann (CSU), Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger (free voters), Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) and Education Minister Michael Piazolo (free voters), want to explain the results of the consultations in a statement at 1 p.m. We inform the ticker live.

Updated February 22 at 8:12 pm: Following the agreement of the federal and state governments on Monday evening to prioritize the staff of primary and special schools, as well as the higher daycare facilities for coronavirus vaccines and thus allow those affected to have a previous vaccination appointment, Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) on the impact of these decisions on the state’s vaccination strategy. The approximately 200,000 employees of Bavarian schools and nursery schools should now be vaccinated as quickly as possible. But that should only be the beginning, Holetschek continues: “Now we have to move together to the vaccination turbo.”

Crown in Munich: Faster vaccinations in schools and kindergartens: Holetschek is serious

Given the process of infection and rapidly spreading virus mutations, delays can no longer be allowed. Therefore, according to Holetschek, the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca should now be offered as soon as possible, even if many people are critical of the Astrazeneca vaccine and rule out vaccination with it. The main reasons for this are reports of possible vaccine side effects and reduced efficacy compared to Biontech Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. “I want us to vaccinate Astrazeneca’s safe and effective vaccine as soon as possible,” Holetschek said in a statement.

As announced by the federal and state governments in the evening, teachers should now move from the third to the second group of the vaccination sequence. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has prepared a draft amendment to the vaccination ordinance, which is expected to take effect next Wednesday (February 24).

Crown: Owners are demanding the opening of free bar areas. Will relaxation soon follow?

Updated as of February 22, 1:17 PM: After the spring weekend, Bavarian hoteliers ask for the opening of gardens and bar areas. “We call for additional safe outdoor areas to be created,” state manager of Dehoga Hotel and Restaurant Association Thomas Geppert said Monday. The urge to go outside is great with the good weather. This currently leads to accumulations at some meeting points. “The opening of the exterior restoration would prevent uncontrolled accumulations in both public and private spaces and equalize the meeting points.”

Crown: After Söder’s coup in Munich, does Merkel also plan to relax?

Update from February 22, at 10:30 a.m .: Markus Söder announced new openings in Bavaria this Monday morning. (see an update below in the text). Now Chancellor Merkel (CDU) also seems to want to focus on new openings, such as image reported. “There is a legitimate longing for an opening,” he quotes sheet the chancellor. Accordingly, Merkel wants to plan “four opening steps.” As they say, it is not clear how exactly these should be diary continue. “Smart opening strategies are required for private contacts, schools, universities, vocational schools, restaurants, sports clubs, etc.,” the chancellor said. image seconds in addition.

Updated February 22 at 9:54 a.m .: “We are now in a very sensitive and difficult phase of the pandemic,” Markus Söder begins his statement. On the one hand, calls for relaxation are growing stronger, and on the other hand, concerns about mutations are increasing. This can also be seen in the figures, which are currently stagnant, even in some cases rising. “It can be shown that the mutation increases,” Söder says. If you’re not careful now, you could be in a situation similar to last December in three or four weeks.

Crown Blockade: Söder makes a statement: is the third wave approaching?

“If the British mutant adopts permanent dominance, it will be a great challenge in the coming weeks to get people’s wishes for openings in the right balance,” the prime minister explains. Now politicians need to give a perspective focused on security and caution. Otherwise, a third wave threatens. “We want to protect and breathe at the same time,” the CSU chief sums up next week’s goals. One will open when possible, lengthen where the numbers stagnate, and always close where the numbers rise again.

The most important cornerstone to combat the pandemic remains vaccination, here it will be discussed whether teachers and educators will move to the priority list. But quick tests should also be massaged as quickly as possible. “Millions of quick tests will be needed every day in Germany,” Söder said. This also requires a digital form to be able to present the proof. Then the prime minister moves on to the current situation in Bavaria. Border districts and “hot spots” continued to be a major concern, Söder said. It clearly states that there is no question of repealing the rules.

Corona: Söder talks about relaxation: retail, sport, culture: possible openings soon?

On the other hand, there are also counties and cities where the numbers are declining. “It’s not a date that decides, the numbers decide.” No new guidelines will be added to the target incidence of 35. “For those who fall below the value of 35, there must be a clear relief,” Söder says. Therefore, the current situation requires a locally differentiated approach. When the incidence drops below 35, more contacts will be allowed. Schools would also continue to have the highest priority. Trade will also open “naturally” if the number of new infections remains low.

Crown: Söder announces relaxation: not only is it allowed to open hairdressers from March

From next week, that is, on March 1, not only will it be allowed to open hairdressers. Markus Söder announced that flower shops and nurseries can also be opened. There should also be openings between care providers. This also means, for example, that foot care stores can receive customers again. This regulation applies to the entire Free State. The reason for opening nurseries is the perishable products they offer.

Crown blockade: Söder’s statement from Munich: do we open very far?

Update from February 22, at 9:40 a.m .: The statement from CSU chief Söder in Munich is expected in just under five minutes. It is to be hoped that the Prime Minister will reassess the situation of the crown in Bavaria in view of the growing number. We will summarize the statements here in a few moments.

First report of February 22, 2021

Munich – For a long time, the situation of the crown in Munich, Bavaria and Germany seemed to relax quickly in a very short time. The Bavarian capital was the first city in the state to curb the significant 50-day incidence for 7 days, and it was also possible to reach 30 shortly afterwards. For a few days, however, the numbers have risen again, not just in Munich. At the last state-federal summit, the relaxation steps were related to a new benchmark. It seems to be a long way off due to the new trend.

Crown blockade: does the positive trend in Munich end? Söder comments on the situation

A few weeks ago, Chancellor Merkel decided on the indicative value of an incidence of 35 in order to achieve relaxation. In Munich it has been below this value for several days. On February 16, the “magic number” was broken. Currently, the RKI (as of February 22) estimates the incidence in Munich at 32.5. The trend in Munich is no longer down, but rising again, albeit very slowly. CSU chief Markus Söder expressed optimism, though worried, in his latest statements on the crown pandemic. The British Crown mutant, B.1.1.7, is causing great concern, we must continue to act sensibly and sensibly, without rushing anything.

Crown blockade: Söder’s statement eagerly awaited: is the next summit already a problem?

At 9.45am on Monday morning (February 22nd), the Prime Minister will re-comment on the current situation. Before the routine CSU video change, Söder wants to briefly outline the state of affairs. It can be assumed that the next federal state conference could already be the topic. On March 3, Chancellor Merkel and the country’s leaders will meet for the next round of the Crown. It shouldn’t be easier than the previous times.

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