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CSU leader withdrawal – Seehofer denies report – Politics


  • Weekly time citing Seehofer's personal commissioner, says he will resign as head of CSU.
  • Seehofer himself denies this. He will do it "step by step".
  • How the CSU continues can be clarified on a special party day. That has not yet been decided.

According to a media report, Horst Seehofer is apparently preparing for his withdrawal from the presidency of the CSU party. Several commissioners from Seehofer's environment have a weekly Time For days circulated by rumors, Seehofer retired from his post as party leader in the coming days. He also wanted to stay after the interior minister dropped out, he announced on Wednesday citing unnamed names known.

Seehofer denies it. "It's a fat duck," he said the worldFor his further plans, he turned to his previous guidelines: "Step by step". He did not want to comment on that any closer. Even the CSU spokesman and his ministry rejected the report.

Seehofer sends Maasen to a temporary retiree

This was stated by the Federal Minister of the Interior in Berlin. Former constitutional protection chief Maazen advised for a farewell speech in criticism. In the meantime, AfD explains that Maasen will respond well to her.

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Whether this happened despite denial – Seehofer's approach would be similar to that of Chancellor Angela Merkel. She wants to start at the party convention of the CDU at the beginning of December more than to be re-elected president, but to keep her government office as chancellor. After Merkel announced her decision, more and more votes in Berlin and Munich that Seehofer asked to do the same CDU head. CDU and CSU had to make major losses in the state elections in Hesse and Bavaria – the blame is largely attributed to federal politics.

timeAccording to the report, Seehofer's decision was actually significantly influenced by Merkel's withdrawal. "Since then, Horst is simply relieved that he did not agree to Merkel's cemetery," she said time Commissioner Seehofer.

Seehofer said a few days ago that he would announce a decision on his future. However, only after the two other goals of the CSU have been achieved: Markus Soder will swear to the prime minister – this happened on Tuesday in the parliament of the Bavarian state. And Manfred Weber should vote for the EPP's leading candidate for European elections – these elections will be held tomorrow in Helsinki. Niederbaier Weber is considered a favorite, but must be held against Finn Alexander Stubb, who also aims to be the main contender.

Weber is also within the CSU as a possible candidate for the presidential party – next to Markus Soder, who expressed his readiness to advance to the lead party. The new president would have to choose CSU probably at a special party. If and when such an event is held, this weekend could break out – then the party leadership meets in Munich. As the possible date is already circling on December 8th – it would be the same weekend on which the sister party of the CDU will decide on the successor to Merkel.

However, Seehofer can remain interior minister after retiring from the presidency of the party, but it is open. "Horst Seehofer did not commit," his spokesman said in a response to the media report. The decision is now expected on Monday or Tuesday – when Soder presented his new cabinet in Munich. For coalition partners CDU and SPD Seehofer are from the Maassen affair and solo efforts in refugee politics in criticism.

The opposition also fired at Seehofer and has always strongly called for his departure. Recently, when Seehofer did not appear before the Committee on Internal Affairs of the House, in which he should actually answer questions about the dismissal of the controversial constitutional guard Hans-Georg Maassen. However, the SPD was not aggressive in this incident and prevented its vote that the interior minister was formally quoted before the commission.

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Soder shows the hint of humility

When re-election of the Bavarian prime minister, the CSU politician demands more of the delegates' powers and responsibilities. AfD wants to be "fascinated" in the new state parliament.

From the State Parliament Ingrid Fuchs

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