Friday , September 24 2021

DagiBee is pregnant: the YouTube star becomes a mother

Sweet sugar news.

Dagi Bee (26) and Eugen Kazakov (27) are first-time parents. The expectant mother announced this in a love video, of course, on YouTube.

In 2018 the influencer and the cameraman celebrated their wedding. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the two to have offspring. Now is the time.

Dagi’s short video begins with the word “love” written in white letters on a black background.

Private recordings of the couple from previous years are then made. Dagi also shows screenshots of private WhatsApp messages between her and her husband.

The highlight comes at the end of the clip: crying, she has a positive pregnancy test on her hands. You can even see a small bulge that Eugen caresses.

For now, the couple is still enjoying the calm before the storm and a family holiday in Ibiza. In a couple of holiday videos, fans have already asked, “Does anyone else think she’s pregnant?” They were right!

Dagi Bee is one of the leading YouTube stars in Germany. She has been with her husband Eugen since 2015. They met during a video session in Marrakech. In June 2018 they will celebrate their dream wedding in Ibiza. The special? Not only did the bride come in white, but also all the guests. Now the two crown their love with a baby.

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